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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Univision to Air Ads from Republicans Telling Latinos "Don't Vote" (Updated)

According to, a Republican 527 group, Latinos for Reform paid Univision $80,000 to run ads on the network in Nevada expressing the failures of Democrats to implement immigration reform while not mentioning that Republicans have obstructed such attempts at every turn. Univision contends that the ads reveal a frustration from the Latino community. The Spanish-language network also doesn't support the Republican senatorial candidate Sharron Angle for what they call, "irresponsible and bordering on racist position on immigration." Their decision is puzzling considering that Univision's PAC has contributed to Democratic Senator Harry Reid's campaign. Frustration is one thing, telling Latinos to ignore their right to vote for $80,000 is irresponsible.

*UPDATE - Univision has decided not to run the ads purchased by GOP group, Latinos for Reform advising  Nevada Latinos not to vote. They also distanced themselves from the political analyst who had explained the reasoning behind the ad buy. See more here LINK



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