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Monday, September 10, 2012

ART: Mini-Batman's 'Adventure Time' Adventures Tumblr

(From Comics Alliance:)
Adventure Time's Land of Ooo is a colorful realm full of... passion... making it fertile ground for humans/anthropomorphic candy/monsters/shape-shifting dogs to get vociferous to the max. What better place for a tiny Christian Bale quoting Batman to relocate to? Nikolos Sardos answers this question with aplomb at his Mini-Batman's Adventure Time Adventures Tumblr, which the artist/animator describes as "just a silly series of pictures I drew to amuse myself and my twitter bros." Fans of Batman's Silver age suit will appreciate Sardos' costume choice for the tiny Caped Crusader as he recites lines from the Christopher Nolan trilogy of Bat films while interrogating or at least attempting to interrogate your favorite AT stars. You can see a selection of Mini-Batman's Adventure Time encounters drawn by Sardos after the cut.