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Friday, September 21, 2012

Gallery 1988 Opening: Scott C.: Return of the Great Showdowns

Join us tonight, from 7-10 PM, as we open Return of the Great Showdowns! Scott C., who will be in attendance, has created a show with well over 250 of his original and signature cinematic showdowns, creating a brand new, and prolific, installment of the show. One of the most heralded blogs on Tumblr, Scott's Showdowns have caught the eye of collectors like Neil Patrick Harris, Edgar Wright, Seth Green, Morgan Spurlock and Damon Lindelof - and now there is a whole new group to catch your eye. This show will run through October 13th.

On opening night, we will also have 20 mystery Showdowns, where you can guess the movies, and enter a contest to have a custom movie Showdown drawn of your choice. The competition is fierce, but if you know your stuff, make sure to attend the opening. In addition to the originals, this show will also mark the release of a brand new Showdowns giclee set, a brand new coaster set and the release of Scott's GREAT SHOWDOWNS book - which you can buy for the first time ever Friday night.

Don't miss this exciting event, tonight at Gallery1988 Melrose!

7020 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 937-7088

at 3 PM PT online and at G1988 (Melrose)...
Join Scott C. as he live paints a Showdown in the middle of the Melrose gallery!!!! 
Join us at 3 PM PT, either in person at the Melrose gallery, or on Scott's LiveStream page (, to watch him create a Showdown right in front of your eyes! He'll be hanging out, laughing and painting - so come by and say hello!