Yaya Han in Yakuza Bodypaint by Nick Wolfe (Photography by Bryan Boiling)

Yaya Han, a jane-of-all-trades, is one of our favorites to feature. The costume designer, model, and worldwide cosplay ambassador is stunning in bodypaint provided by Nick Wolfe's steady hand. These beautiful shots come courtesy of Bryan Boiling and the rest can be seen at her site, YayaHan.com.

"I was recently painted up by Master Body Painter Nick Wolfe We've been  
friends for years but never had the chance to collaborate before now.
          Nick suggested something Asian inspired and I blurted out "Yakuza tattoo!" 

        and the idea for this theme was born!"


  1. Progressive RepublicanApril 26, 2015 at 12:30 PM

    Beautiful work on a beautiful model. But I would like to see her sans clothes head-to-toe front and back to see the whole work. But that's just my preferring to see all of it without the prudish covering-up of the 'naughty bits'.

    If you;re going to do this, it's all-or-nothing.


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