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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wonder Woman TV 'On Pause' While The Flash is Full Speed Ahead at CW

'Amazon' Script Not Ready 

Off the heels of their announcement that The Flash might be getting his own TV series spinning out of Arrow, The CW President Mark Pedowitz said today their Wonder Woman pilot "Amazon" is being put "on pause" for the time being. "The script isn’t where we want it,” he said.“It’s better to wait and get it right.” - SHH
This is not good news for Wonder Woman fans. There doesn't seem to be a Wonder Woman television series on the horizon anytime soon afterall. Even with the hope of retooling being done at the CW as previously reported. The retooling apparently will continue until they "get it right", as CW President Mark Pedowitz recently stated. While it's reassuring to hear the network is being deliberate and careful about depicting the Amazon Princess properly on television they must be, by their logic, throwing caution to the wind because they are fast-tracking a 'Flash' series to be spun out of current hit, Arrow

The creative forces behind Arrow will be introducing  Dr. Barry Allen and his origin story on the show before spinning him off on his own. No word on who will play him but more details will be revealed soon. I'm glad the Flash will be the air again but is it at the expense of Wonder Woman? Diana Prince has become the Rubik's Cube of TV and movie studios. We are not asking Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment to collide particles in hopes of creating nuclear fusion we just want a Wonder Woman movie. They figured out the Flash pretty quickly, enough to announce a spin-off series, so how difficult could it truly be to bring Wonder Woman to screen? It just takes some leadership and creative boldness. Man up, WB. 

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