'Wonder Woman' of the Day: Alyssa Anne

This Amazon Princess is Engineered to Amaze
Photos by Jeff Williams Photography
It's not everyday you run into an alternative model who also happens to be a scientist-engineer but this cosplayer, Alyssa Anne, is just that. When she isn't busy at her day job, a materials scientist, Anne can be found dressed in a latex mini-dress, a rock t-shirt or strapped to a corset. Anne does pinup and promotional modeling in the Bay Area and can be found in the pages of Ink Fashion, Delicious Dolls, New Noise, Tattoo Spirit magazines and others. The statuesque and gorgeous green-eyed brunette was built to don the boots and suit of Wonder Woman. 

In the world of comic books, there are multiple universes where different versions of heroes exist. So it's not too far to be believe that this Amazon Princess with tattoos and piercings isn't kicking ass in a parallel universe somewhere. 

With fans at Big Wow Comicfest..

...and examples of her modeling

Newest edit from Bad Bones Photography, wearingLust Designs latex!

First edit from my super fun shoot with HUGO V PHOTOGRAPHY!!!  Love this guy!
Repping one of the sickest bands, around, Suicidal Tendencies! 

Ahoy Matey!!!  
Photograph by Jellyfish Jones Photography
MU: Christina Miliusis


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