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Monday, September 16, 2013

Warner Bros. CEO With Significant Comments Regarding the Future of DC Comics Movies

DC Properties to Make Greater Impact in Studio's Offerings

When Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara revealed that Ben Affleck's Batman would be "tired, weary" in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel a lot was made of those comments but more, real significant news emerged from the same conference he attended that speak to the future of  movies from DC Entertainment properties. 
“ I think the basis, foundation of those 12 to 14 pictures are going to be coming from DC Entertainment.” - Tsujihara regarding movies the studio releases every year.
This is important because his comments confirm that the studio is making a serious commitment to producing more comic book-based movies from it's vast catalogue of material from DC Entertainment. Since it's been difficult to determine what plan if any Warner Bros. had regarding bringing more superheroes to screen than just Superman and Batman, Tsujihara's comments at least imply that there are future projects on the horizon.
“We have Batman Vs. Superman coming out in 2015, but there are going to be in the coming months a lot of announcements regarding the future movie, television, games and consumer product pieces that are going to be coming from DC.”
Historically, WB has taken a methodical approach to DC properties going to screen, big and small, it's imperative that they capitalize on recent successes - CW's Arrow, Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, Zack Snyder's Man of Steel - and introduce new characters and begin world building much like Marvel has excelled at with their comic book properties. A new Flash series is reportedly in the works at the CW with Glee's Grant Gustin playing Barry Allen. He'll be introduced on Arrow in three episodes this coming season before spinning off to his own series. 

This is about urgency and building momentum. You're only as good as your last project. It may sound cliche but let's not forget the rancid aftertaste of the Joel Schumacher era Batman movies that haunted WB into rebooting the franchise with Nolan. With Batman redeemed they moved on with Superman with Snyder at the helm and that worked. I believe they'll pull their heads out of their posteriors and create an epic Wonder Woman movie that is fitting of an Amazon princess eventually. 

The studio can be lazy but they're not completely stupid. These films make millions, sometimes a billion, so in an industry so devoid of new ideas that they reboot and retread old TV shows and old movies, WB at least has at their disposal compelling characters and stories in the archives of DC Comics. It's just a matter of time, let's face it that time is now, before the CEO's comments come to fruition and finally release projects involving more diverse and  anticipated characters that fans have been clamoring for for decades.