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Friday, November 8, 2013

Two More Actresses Vie for Female Role in 'Batman vs Superman' But Is It for Wonder Woman?

Other Justice Leaguers Reportedly Making an Appearance
Variety  has quite the scoop regarding the names of two more actresses testing for the female role in 'Batman vs Superman', presumably for Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot (Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6) and Elodie Yung (G.I. Joe: Retaliation, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) have joined Olga Kurylenko in the casting pool for the "tall, brunette, athletic and exotic” female described in the casting call. While they certainly fill the description I'm very apprehensive to definitely say whether or not it's for the role of the Amazon Princess. Even the report states that it could still be for Bruce Wayne's love interest.
Rumors have been flying around for months about the possibility of Wonder Woman joining Batman and Superman in the Man of Steel sequel. There have been recent blog reports that have said that it is  "likely" she is but no confirmation from Warner Bros. Another candidate may emerge since Jaime Alexander, who had discussions with the studio, is unavailable due to her obligations with Marvel's 'Thor' franchise. Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman may not be the only hero to show up either.
Variety says insiders believe more Justice Leaguers will appear in some capacity and they speculate besides WW it could be the Flash among others. Latino Review reported Gotham City's Robin turned Nightwing will be making an appearance as well. Are the seeds of a future Justice League movie being planted in what's becoming a de facto superhero ensemble feature? It sure sounds like it even though few details have been confirmed. Logic says that solo movies will be borne out of the sequel leading to that JL movie we've all been waiting for.
As for the actresses vying for whatever role in the sequel they are all 5'7" or taller, experienced in action movies and a history of some form of physical discipline - Kurylenko (dancer), Gadot (military service) and Yung (martial artist). They all could be Wayne's love interest or with some added muscle could very well be Wonder Woman. Of the three I'd say Kurylenko has the best overall appearance to the Amazon but I don't know if her or any of the other actresses have the acting acumen and gravitas to anchor the eventual solo WW movie. At the rate the rumors have been leaking out there's a good chance we'll know sooner than later who it may be and for what role. Stay tuned.