Yaya Han's 'Batgirl' Cosplay Based on DC Comics New 52

Photography by Brian Boling with Some Behind the Scenes Costume Design Notes

Our favorite cosplayer, the Queen of Cosplay herself, Yaya Han, has become a staple here at Spartantown. We've featured her multiple times like here, here and here and with good reason - she's a master costume designer. There's nothing she can't do apparently  because whether she's Wonder Woman, Lady Sif, Catwoman or a multitude of other characters from comic books, science fiction, or anime she makes some of the most authentic and carefully crafted costumes in the world. 

This time she's made a Batgirl costume from DC Comics revamped line of comics called "The New 52" where the publisher redesigned her costume and Han here has lovingly reproduced. You can see how in the behind-the-scenes photos below. Paired with photographer Brian Boling, Han envelopes the role of Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl in this urban photo shoot with a heroic stance and a killer glare. 

What helps separate Han from other cosplayers is her attention to detail. Here she has tried to faithfully replicate the lines, textures and features of the Batgirl costume with extraordinary success. The Bat-belt, boots and gauntlets all capture the same distinctive designs found in the comics. She nailed the ribbed texture found on the ribs, inner thighs and underarm. Each component (except for the Reeves FX cowl) is hand-crafted and designed by Han. 

It takes immense passion and artistic ability to create such incredible costumes that has been elevating this growing culture of cosplay for years. Han travels the world as a model, cosplayer, costume designer and ambassador of cosplay and is probably visiting a con in a continent near you. 

Her schedule of appearances for 2014 is found below. 

Han with Spider Woman at Portland  Comic Con

Stan The Man Stan Lee stopped by my booth this weekend at Portland Comic Con, even though I was dressed as Batgirl! I totally represented Marvel the next day though, as Phoenix.

Photo by Rod Sagers

Behind the Scenes Costume Design Pics and Notes Plus a Video Message from Yaya

Portland bound! I'm excited to wear Reeves FX's Batgirl cowl with my finished costume this weekend (mobile, why can't I tag peeps??) Come by my booth #463 if you are heading out to the show!
I worked on most of the undersuit for New 52 Batgirl over New Year's. I'm using 2 different stretch pleather for textures, and made the pattern from scratch. The ribbing was a lot of fun to make especially!
I've been working on finishing Batgirl all day O_O, totally forgot to post on any social media!!

But here, as promised in my video, have some New 52 Babs progress! I spent long hours just patterning the gauntlets, which I wanted to be light, sturdy and easy to transport. They will be covered in the same gold pleather as the cape/ribbed gloves.
Gold powder coated urethane Batgirl belt. Last piece I finished on the costume... At 3am this morning.... Imma go back to sleep in this plane....#cosplay #crafting #yayahan #dccomics #new52#batgirl

2014 Upcoming Events

London Super Comic Con: London, UK - March 15th - 16th *invited Cosplay Guest*
A-kon: Dallas, TX - June 6th - 8th *invited Cosplay Guest* + *exhibitor*
Animecon: The Haag, Netherlands - June 13th - 15th *invited Cosplay Guest*

San Diego Comic Con: San Diego, CA - July 18th - 21st *attending professional*

Otakon: Baltimore, MD - August 9th - 11th *exhibitor*
Dragoncon: Atlanta, GA - August 29th - September 1st *exhibitor*


  1. Jillian MitchellJuly 10, 2014 at 10:07 PM

    I like it but not the heels. The new batgirl redesign is better. Tones down the sexy boosts up the badassness

  2. yes, the new one is way more practical and a better fit for the new tone of the series.

  3. Her cosplays are awesome, and time and detail she puts into them is great, only problem is that her breasts are too big for most characters she depicts.
    (and well boots are meh...)

  4. she's very talented and really does great detail work but i understand she sometimes spills over in some costumes. A blessing and a curse.


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