DC Comics March Movie Poster Variant Covers are Fantastic

DC Comics may have outdone themselves with their running themed variant covers for the month of March 2015. After some fun and gorgeous variants in 2014 like Darwin Cooke (December), LEGO (November), and Bombshells (June) to name a few DC Comics is continuing to bring some creative covers in 2015. January will feature Flash throughout the company line in celebration of his 75th Anniversary, February will bring everyone’s favorite wild card, Harley Quinn, on DC covers, and perhaps the best mash-ups of comics and famous movie posters will arrive in March.

Taking a page from the type of fan art you’d find on deviantArt, DC has designed some fantastic variant covers based on iconic movie posters with some fitting parallels. Teen Titans as The Lost Boys looks right, the Flash running from a  plane as in North by Northwest, Catwoman looking cool as ice as the original cool cat, Steve McQueen in Bullitt, the Joker posing as The Mask, and many, many more. The Free Willy/Aquaman mash-up is just too good to be true. The covers cleverly pay homage to some of Warner Bros most iconic and memorable films from Gone with the Wind to Harry Potter.

Be sure to collect them all this March .

Source: DC Comics


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