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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

COMIC BOOK SPOTLIGHT: 'The Brothers James' by Ryan Ferrier, Brian Level and Michael Walsh

There are times you find a good comic book and other times a good comic book finds you. The Brothers James by Ryan Ferrier, Brian Level and Michael Walsh is a completely independent endeavor that I had the good fortune of reading because the preview was so compelling. This 'Dukes of Hazard' meets Robert Rodriguez revenge thriller is a bloody, pulpy, joyride worth taking. 

ART SHOW: Tom Whalen Pop Art Prints at Gallery 1988 This Friday

 This Friday night, Gallery 1988 (West) is proud to open "Bust'd," a solo show from artist Tom Whalen. The collection will feature 8x8 screenprints, prints on metal and originals, all in the same popular culture theme of busts. 

PREVIEW: Gotham Academy #1 by Brenden Fletcher, Becky Cloonan and Karl Kerschl

Available Wed., Oct. 1, 2014

WELCOME TO GOTHAM ACADEMY! Gotham City’s most prestigious prep school is a very weird place. It’s got a spooky campus, oddball teachers, and rich benefactors always dropping that weirdo Bruce Wayne. But nothing is as strange is the students!

#NYCC : USPS Celebrates Batman's 75th Anniversary with a Limited Edition Stamp Collection

(Photo: WBCP/DCE/USPS/DC Comics)

The United States Postal Service is getting it on Batman's 75th Anniversary with a limited edition postage stamp collection to be launched at this year's New York Comic Con on October 9. The set of 20 stamps features 8 designs encompassing his origin in 1939 to his modern day Dark Knight persona. It's unlikely they'll ever touch an envelope as collectors and fans will undoubtedly snatch them up for posterity. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

#NYCC : Image Comics Announces Some Exclusive and Limited Releases for New York Comic Con

Image Comics is pleased to announce that a limited number of exclusive releases will be available to purchase over the course of New York Comic Con, Thursday, Oct.9 - Friday, Oct. 12.

Friday, September 26, 2014

'Justice League Dark' Fan Film is a Great Primer for NBC's 'Constantine'

We're always looking for quality fan films and this one from One Riot One Ranger Productions is one of the better ones we've ever seen. In Justice League Dark, based on characters from DC Comics, John Constantine, Zantanna, and Deadman are searching for a way to release her father from hell and find some resistance along the way. The production values are exceptionally high.

PREVIEW: The Li'l Depressed Boy #1 by Shaun Struble and Sina Grace

Image Comics is pleased to reveal preview pages for the new THE LI’L DEPRESSED BOY series by Shaun Struble and Sina Grace, SUPPOSED TO BE THERE TOO #1 and announce a special ComiXology sale on digital editions. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Remembering the Man of Steel, Christopher Reeve, on His Birthday

Today would have marked the 62nd birthday of Christopher Reeve who died from heart failure ten years ago. The beloved actor and activist is remembered for his iconic role as Clark Kent/Superman in the seventies and early eighties but it was his championing for stem cell research after a horse riding accident that left him a quadriplegic in 1985 that inspired a new host of fans for his tireless effort to find a cure for him and others. Reeve's performance as the Man of Steel still resonates with fans even in this era of comic book movies.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

'Gotham' Review: Villains Shine in Cramped but Promising Pilot

Image by

As with any television pilot the creators want to captivate an audience long enough to ensure they'll be back for more episodes. That task is even more important if that show happens to be Fox's Gotham that premiered Monday coming in ahead of a ton of hype and curious expectations for this hour long drama chronicling life in Batman's city without Batman. Luckily, with seasoned veterans in front and behind the cameras this ambitious prequel to one of pop culture's most famous superheroes set a fantastic foundation for more gritty drama with incredible production values and scene-chewing performances. Gotham is off to a great start. 

COMIC BOOK DAY: Notable New Releases for September 24

new comics 9/24 by Slidely Slideshow

Another great week in comics that is heavy on the indies. It usually is when Saga comes out but there's more like Kyle Higgins' C.O.W.L. #5, Joshua Williamson's Captain Midnight #15, Brian Wood's The Massive #27, Gail Simone's Red Sonja #12 and many, many more. Not to be out done are DC and Marvel with Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn on Deadpool #35, and Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti on Future's End: Harley Quinn #1.

What Did You Pick Up Today?

new comics 9/24 by Slidely Photo Gallery

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

PREVIEW: The Field #1 by Ed Brisson and Simon Roy

A man wakes up in a field, wearing only his underwear, with no memory, no identity, and no idea what to do. A cell phone beside him buzzes with a message. A single word: “Run.” A deadly cat-and-mouse story ensues in THE FIELD, a graphic novel by Ed Brisson (SHELTERED, COMEBACK) and Simon Roy (PROPHET), out from Image Comics this October.

Colin Firth Wields a Deadly Umbrella in New 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' Trailer

The latest trailer for Kingsman: The Secret Service debuted during the much anticipated television premiere of Gotham on Fox Television Monday night. The movie, based on the comic book by Mark Milllar and Dave Gibbons, stars Colin Firth as a suave secret agent who recruits a cocky street tough to join the agency's training program.

Monday, September 22, 2014

PREVIEW: The Dream Merchant #5 by Nathan Edmondson and Konstantin Novosadov

The dark fantasy series from Nathan Edmondson (WHO IS JAKE ELLIS?, GENESIS) and Konstantin Novosadov returns this October in issue #5 when Winslow’s dreams begin to unravel and his nightmares swiftly surface.

Friday, September 19, 2014

'Suicide Squad' is Looking to David Ayer to Direct DC Comics Movie

With so many films slated to be released over the next few years, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are wasting no time in filling those spots. The latest news is that the studio is seeking to sign David Ayer (Training Day, End of Watch, Fury)to direct the adaptation of DC Comics' Suicide Squad. It's not known if he's on board yet but there's a script by Justin Marks and Dan Lin (The LEGO Movie) is set to produce.

It's Official! Supergirl Series is Coming to CBS

Supergirl Gif by roysartwork

Just a couple of weeks ago we had mentioned that Arrow producer Greg Berlanti was going to pitch a Supergirl series to networks and now comes word that CBS has committed to an hour-long series featuring Superman's cousin. It didn't take long for the DC Comics character to get to series after the initial report it was being offered. It also makes CBS the last national network to pick up a comic book based show and the seventh (so far) to come from one publisher. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

What Does the Millennium Falcon and Batman have in Common?

A little Gotham City swag under the Millennium Falcon

In the latest volley between the friendly Easter egg rivalry of Star Wars Episode VII director J.J. Abrams and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder comes this cool new video featuring an official look at the classic 'hunk of junk' the Millennium Falcon. Only this time there appears to be an added touch all the way from Gotham City. 

See Stephen Colbert Invade San Diego Comic Con as Prince Hawkcat (VIDEO)

Colbert as Prince HawkCat

Inspired by the millions and millions of dollars generated by comic book based blockbuster films like The Avengers and The Dark Knight, the Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert decided to get in on the action by announcing his potential adaptation of Prince Hawkcat. Half hawk. Half cat. All prince. To drum up support for his feature film he went to geek central -San Diego Comic Con - and cosplayed as Prince Hawkcat himself. The results are hilariously cringe-worthy.

Animated JUSTICE LEAGUE Series is First Machinima /DC Entertainment Collaboration

Looks like Warner Bros' huge investment in the online network, Machinima, will be paying dividends when they'll release a 3-part animated Justice League series subtitled Gods and Monsters Chronicles in 2015. It will be released ahead of the Bruce Timm/Alan Burnett produced animated home release of Justice League: Gods and Monsters upon which the digital features are based on. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Team 'Arrow' is Ready for Season 3 in New Promotional Poster

The Arrow crew is ready for Season 3 if this official poster the CW released is any indication. Ollie, Felicity, Roy, Diggle and Laurel just wrecked shop as the scene behind them demonstrates. And with a slew of new characters - friend and foe - the season has all the makings of being the best one yet. Not to mention some highly anticipated romantic sparks between Ollie and Felicity. Olicity is happening folks!

COMIC BOOK DAY: Notable New Releases for September 17

New comics 9/17 by Slidely Slideshow

There are way too many big names dropping books today to mention. Just look at this week's notable new releases. Some of the biggest names are writing and/or drawing comics this week so you can't go wrong whatever your selection. I will say though that having George Perez back on his own title, Sirens #1, featuring powerful female leads is a sight for sore eyes.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

PREVIEW: George Perez's SIRENS #1 from BOOM! Studios

WHY WE LOVE IT: The name George Pérez should say it all, but we are beyond excited to work with one of comics’ living masters on his own original title. He’s worked on great female characters like Wonder Woman and Scarlet Witch, but this, a team of female heroes of his own creation, had us swooning.
WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: It’s a sci-fi adventure story that spans time and space, featuring a team of female heroes that kick butt across the universe. If you like strong female sci-fi characters like Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck, Star Wars’ Princess Leia, and Alien’s Ripley, you’ll find a lot to love about GEORGE PÉREZ’S SIRENS!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stormtrooper in Custody after Joyride in Batmobile According to Batman V Superman's Zack Snyder

Thankfully, the Gotham City Police Department has taken into custody the culprit, a Stormtrooper, who had brazenly stolen the Batmobile earlier in the day.  That's the inference made from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder's tweeted image above. Another tongue-in-cheek Star Wars/Batman mash-up following other amusing photos like Henry Cavill dressed as a Jedi and Batman with RD-2. As usual, your move, Bad Robot. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Darwyn Cooke December Covers Ends DC Comics' 'Year of the Variant' in Style

"Justice League" #37

Darwyn Cooke is going to class up the covers of DC Comics' in December and close out the 'Year of the Variant' in style.
The legendary artist with the distinct retro-style is putting his touch on 23 covers across the DC universe. After having
 everything from selfies to Robot Chicken to  Steampunk variant covers this year the classic lines of Cooke's vintage flair is a nice way to say goodbye to 2014.

Not-So-Teen 'Titans' Being Developed at TNT for Live-Action Show

We might see a live-action version of "Titans" on TNT (Image by Glee-chan)

TNT is entering the comic book adaptation business as it weighs producing a TV pilot based on the DC Comics team of young superheroes called the Teen Titans. The proposed show Titans will take a more dramatic approach than its animated Cartoon Network Teen Titans Go! version that's geared to young kids. At its center the focus will be on Dick Grayson, Batman's former sidekick, who takes on a new moniker - Nightwing.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

COMIC BOOK DAY: Notable New Releases (9/10)

new comics 9/10 by Slidely Slideshow

This week in comics has more than usual great writer/artist combinations. Matt Fraction/Annie Wu on Hawkeye, Dan Slott/Humberto Ramos on The Amazing Spider-Man, Ed Brubaker/Steve Epting on Velvet, and Greg Rucka/Michael Lark on Lazarus to name a few. Not to mention some other notable books that aren't too shabby either.

PREVIEW: Rat Queens #8 by Kurtis J. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch

Cover by Tyler Jenkins (Peter Panzerfaust, Neverboy)
"THE FAR REACHING TENTACLES OF N'RYGOTH," PART THREE If your enemy is just too damn strong, well...when you can't beat ‘em, join ‘em. And then from the safety of their trust, that's when you kill ‘em with a good rusty blade to the spine. Rat Queens style. (Available October 1)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Zack Snyder Gives Fans a 'Real' Look at the New Batmobile from 'Batman V Superman'

After some grainy set photos of the new Batmobile from Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie hit the internet the director did one better and released a high resolution shot of the insanely armored vehicle on Twitter. The official photo is similar to the one that introduced Ben Affleck in costume as Batman but this one is all about the car, front and center, with torrents exposed.

Jessica Chastain is Ready for a Superhero Movie

Nothing gets the internet going like a bonafide movie star saying she wants to be a kick-ass superhero and not just the female window dressing. If anyone can call her own shot it's Jessica Chastain. The highly sought-after Oscar-nominee has not let up since her break-out year in 2011 and has 3 films coming out this year alone. A chance at a comic book movie is almost certain. Who's going to stop her?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

REVIEW: COPPERHEAD #1 by Jay Faerber and Scott Godlewski (Image)

Available Sept. 10, 2014
 Welcome to Copperhead, a grimy mining town on the edge of a backwater planet. Single mom Clara Bronson is the new sheriff, and on her first day she'll have to contend with a resentful deputy, a shady mining tycoon, and a family of alien hillbillies. And did we mention the massacre? Writer JAY FAERBER and the art team of SCOTT GODLEWSKI & RON RILEY bring you this gritty 24th Century Western with an extra-long first issue for the regular price of $3.50!

One of the most enjoyable subgenres of science-fiction is the sci-fi/western. Many of the same themes like redemption and revenge carry over into the dusty towns of the future. There is a new sheriff in town, literally, in a crummy little mining town under the suspicious control of a baron who is found of wearing white like a good creepy baron should. Copperhead #1 by Jay Faerber and Scott Godlewski is a great example of what makes sci-fi/westerns fun to read. It is off to a fantastic start with a familiar but intriguing lead in the no-nonsense Clara Bronson and a town full of mystery. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

PREVIEW: Brides of Helheim #1 by Cullen Bunn and Joelle Jones

''Brides of Helheim" #1 from Oni Press

Years have passed since Rikard's victory over Bera and Groa. In defeating the witches, Rikard saved his people. And yet he cannot rest. He is still denied the promise of Valhalla. The warrior is condemned to wander the living world as an undead draugr. Now, a new challenge lies before Rikard: to face the demon beast Mórðvíg in a brutal conflict.
 We don't normally preview comics this far away from the release date (October 1) but we're such big fans of Cullen Bunn and Joelle Jones on the initial run of Helheim that we couldn't wait to bring you the next chapter, Brides of Helheim

It's also vitally important to pre-order the series with your retailer today (September 8) to make sure you get your hands on it. Check out the preview pages below:

Friday, September 5, 2014

'Arrow' Season 3 Trailer is Action-Packed and Olicity is So Happening

As if the anticipation for the return of Arrow Season 3 couldn't be any higher, the CW releases this action-packed trailer appropriately titled High Speed Chase. Besides an actual high speed chase the video is jam-packed with glimpses into the season like Roy Harper as Arsenal, the Dark Archer reappears , Thea looks to be in training, Ray Palmer being charming, Black Canary giving Ollie all he can handle AND THAT KISS! Could millions of Olicity shippers finally get their wish? It sure looks like it. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A 'Supergirl' Show May Be Coming to a Network Near You

Last live-action Supergirl appeared on 'Smalleville' played by Laura Vandervoort
 (image by Tonoffun)

Greg Berlanti will not rest until the television landscape is littered with DC Comics superhero shows. As if co-creating and executive producing Arrow and The Flash on the CW wasn't enough he is planning on pitching a Supergirl show to networks. Doesn't sound like CW is interested in a female-led hero show but the timing might be right for another network to pick it up based on Berlanti's success. He's developing the show with former No Ordinary Family collaborator Ali Adler.

'Arrow' Taps Matt Nable as Ra's al Ghul for Season 3 Baddie

Even though Liam Neeson publicly said he'd be open to reprising his Batman Begins role as Ra's al Ghul, the CW instead went with Riddick actor Matt Nable for Arrow's Season 3 villain. Neeson was probably never in the conversation simply to keep the TV canon away from any ties to the movies plus I'm guessing Nable came with a smaller price tag.

PREVIEW: Copperhead #1 by Jay Faerber and Scott Godlewski

Available Sept. 10, 2014

Writer Jay Faerber (NEAR DEATH, DYNAMO 5) and artist Scott Godlewski (Dracula: The Company of Monsters) team up with colorist Ron Riley (NEAR DEATH, DYNAMO 5) and letterer/designer Thomas Mauer (UNDERTOW, UMBRAL) to bring readers an all-new science fiction western series this September from Image Comics.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Up Close and Personal with the Class of 'Gotham Academy'

Becky Cloonan variant cover of  'Gotham Academy' #1 exclusively provided to The Mary Sue

October 1st is only a month away and DC Comics is drumming up more interest in the highly anticipated debut of the prep school drama set in the world of Batman with these personal bios of the students at Gotham Academy. Written by Brenden Fletcher and Becky Cloonan with art by Karl Kerschl the new series targeted at teens revolves around kids at the prestigious school and what life is like growing up amid the madness of Gotham City.

Dwayne Johnson Finally Reveals He'll Play Black Adam in Shazam Movie

We've known for a long time that A) Warner Bros. is planning a Shazam movie and B) that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was attached to play either the title character or as most fans had wished Black Adam. Johnson had previously teased fans with mentions of playing a DC character, then mentioned the Shazam movie and now finally revealed he is in fact playing Black Adam, the villainous anti-hero and fan favorite.

Comic Book Day: Notable New Releases for Sept. 3

new comics 9/3 by Slidely Slideshow

This week in new comics includes some dynamic debuts as well as some great ongoing series. Hawkeye fans get a double dose this week as he guests on Black Widow and takes on Deadpool in the appropriately titled Hawkeye vs Deadpool. DC Comics continues to take risks with their Future's End line now adding Aquaman and Batwing to the mix.  Don't sleep on The Squidder from IDW and Ben Templesmith. It's a great read and looks amazing. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

COMIC BOOK SPOTLIGHT: 'Concrete Park' Deserves 'R-E-S-P-E-C-T' in Exciting Sci-Fi Debut

“Black people don’t like science fiction – they don’t see themselves in the future.”

There are millions of movie pitches rejected for a million different reasons every year in Hollywood. It just so happened that the science fiction movie pitch featuring an ethnically diverse cast of characters trapped on a prison planet elicited a racist, ignorant, and absurd response from one studio exec. Screenwriter Tony Puryear and wife, actress Erika Alexander, were shocked at the exec's ridiculous assumption but not defeated. They took their creative vision to another medium in need of some diversity itself - comic books. The result is a five-issue limited series from Dark Horse Comics entitled Concrete Park: R-E-S-P-E-C-T debuting this Wednesday.

Monday, September 1, 2014

'Concrete Park' Comic Creators Signing at Meltdown Comics

ART SHOW: A Tribute to Joss Whedon

 Andrew Heath 

A show almost 2 years in the making, this Friday night at G1988 (West), artists will debut pieces inspired by the movies and TV shows of writer/director Joss Whedon. When Whedon explained he hoped Gallery1988 would one day tribute his work with an art show during his Comic Con Q&A one year, we jumped at the possibility. With the blessing of Whedon, it will all come to a head this weekend, when we open the show with an opening reception from 7-10 PM. Make sure to join and check the incredible artwork honoring an incredible creator.



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