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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

REVIEW: 'Postal' #2 by Matt Hawkins, Bryan Hill and Isaac Goodhart

Matt Hawkins and Bryan Hill begin to peel away the layers behind the not-so-good townsfolk of Eden, Wyoming. A town populated by dubious people looking for a new start by hiding in plain sight. However, what's revealed in issue two of Postal is even darker and seedier than we expected.
The writers have surrounded Mark with the shadiest people ever found in a comic book. The young man whose Asperger's actually helps him unravel the suspicious going-ons in his town but not even his own mother is not without her secrets. He's aided by another unlikely friend in the waitress he has a crush on. 

Her backstory is a doozy but the lingering dread you'll feel after reading Postal #2 comes from the revelations about Mark's dad. Hawkins and Hill are turning this mystery story into a gripping must-read thriller. 

Isaac Goodhart and Betsy Gonia are providing the foundation for all this eerieness with flawless art. Goodhart's pencil work has a natural flair to it that gives the pages a realistic look. It's straight forward with no theatrics which lend perfectly to this supposedly quiet town but then Gonia's colors come in like a dense fog setting the tone for potential danger with every page turn. 

Postal #2 is a wonderful dark tale told through the eyes of an unlikely but welcome protagonist.  We're hooked!

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