Artist Creates Gorgeous Superhero Watercolor Paintings

Clementine Campardou needed some inspiration to kickstart her creative juices and produce some art she felt passionate about. So a couple of years ago she challenged herself to paint a picture everyday. Now, with over 500 watercolor paintings under her belt we can attest she's spreading an enormous amount of happiness as she intended because they are beautiful.

"Beside finding the time, the challenge is to find the inspiration. Mine comes from the things that either moves me or excite me, or just blow me away. POP culture from the 80’s, movie characters, strong independent women (the real heroes), France where I’m from, or Bondi and Australia, where I live. I have a thing for Super Heroes too :)"
We've posted a number of superhero paintings below and if you want to see more check out her website here.

Source: Bored Panda


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