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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tyler Stout 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Print Release Details

Tyler Stout Avengers: Age of Ultron Cast & Crew Variant Edition with Multiple Metallic Ink Edition of 160 Not Publicly Available

WHO: Tyler Stout
WHAT: Regular and Variant Edition Release
WHEN: Thursday, October 1st, between 9:00-11:00am Pacific Time
WHERE: (link will become live during those hours)
HOW: To be in the know first, please follow us on any of these outlets:

COMIC BOOK DAY: Notable New Releases 9/30/15

NEW COMIC BOOK DAY 9/29 by Slidely Slideshow

Another new comic book day is upon us and there's plenty to choose from in all genres. Batman Annual #4, Wonder Woman 77 Special #2, Grayson Annual #2, and Ghost Racers #4 got you covered from the Big Two on the superhero side. Zodiac Starforce #2, The Adventures of Aero Girl TP and Archie #3 offers some fantastic all-ages stories. Indies get edgy with Postal #7, Southern Bastards Vol. 1, Stringers #2, and so much more. Check out our notable books for this week and our slideshow set to music!

New Arc of 'Descender' Arrives in November with Special 3D Cover

New York Times bestselling writer Jeff Lemire (SWEET TOOTH, TRILLIUM, PLUTONA) and New York Times bestselling artist Dustin Nguyen (MANIFEST ETERNITY, BATGIRL) will launch the second story arc of the critically acclaimed series DESCENDER in November.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Honest Trailer is the Most Honest Ever

I've always enjoyed Screen Junkies' honesty in their "Honest Trailers" videos. The clever and funny recaps of films questioning dubious storylines and other lapses in logic have been dead on. With the newest Honest Trailer of "Avengers: Age of Ultron," they may have outdone themselves, serving up the most succinctly accurate critique of a franchise probably ever. 

PREVIEW: 'Zodiac Starforce' #2 by Kevin Panetta and Paulina Ganucheau

They saved the world two years ago, but when a new, monstrous threat arises, can they put aside their differences and become a team again? Hopefully they can; otherwise team leader Emma, who’s been infected by an evil magical force, is a goner! Will the Zodiac Starforce reunite and enter the dark realm of Nephos to save their captain, or will a fierce rivalry on the volleyball court tear them apart?

PREVIEW: 'The Empty' Volume 1 by Jimmie Robinson

Tanoor is a hunter struggling to feed her village in an apocalyptic world of poison and decay, but Tanoor finds hope when she discovers a stranger named Lila who has the ability to grow life from death—a power that could change the world of The Empty. Collects THE EMPTY #1-6. 

First Look at Zoom in 'The Flash' Season 2 Trailer and New Poster Released

As the anticipation for season two of the 'The Flash' continues to build, the CW released another trailer with a glimpse of the new villain, Zoom (voiced by Tony Todd). Zoom and Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) emerge from the same alternate universe. It's going to take both Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), the Flash of this world, and the Flash of the other to take down the powerful Zoom.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Run DMC's Darryl McDaniels' Graphic Novel "DMC" is Being Adapted to Film

Legendary hip-hop pioneer, Darryl McDaniels, of the seminal group Run DMC, opened up his own publishing house in 2014 and launched it with his graphic novel "DMC." Now a year later TriStar is developing it into a feature film with McDaniels as producer along with Malcolm Gray and Nicole Brown overseeing for the studio.

Watch the Two-Part Trailer for the Return of 'X-Files'

"The truth is still out there," and it's driving Agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) mad. Monday night saw one big trailer split between episodes of 'Gotham' and 'Minority Report.' Mulder is on to something and requires bringing the band together including Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) and of course, his old partner Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson).

PREVIEW: 'Batman' Annual #4 by James Tynion IV and Roge Antonio

Batman is gone…but Bruce Wayne is alive? What does that mean for Gotham City? And who is Bruce Wayne without Batman? This special annual delves deeper into the mystery building, and whether or not Bruce can ever really escape from the shadow of the Dark Knight.

PREVIEW: 'Archie' #3 by Mark Waid, Fiona Staples, Andre Szymanowicz, et al

 COMIC SUPERSTARS MARK WAID AND FIONA STAPLES ARE BACK FOR ANOTHER INSTALLMENT OF THEIR REMARKABLE REIMAGINING OF AN ICON! Something strange is looming over Riverdale—and it’s taking the shape of a giant mega-mansion owned by an elusive mogul. Why has he chosen the quaint town of Riverdale, USA as his base of operations? And how is he going to use the teens of Riverdale High to further his political aspirations? Big questions and challenges await the teens and townsfolk—meanwhile, a new student has graced the halls of Riverdale High and she’s turning heads in a BIG way! Find out all the answers to these important questions in the third issue of the biggest comics sensation of the season!

'The Humans' Creators Keenan Keller and Tom Neely Are Going on Tour

THE HUMANS creators Keenan Marshall Keller and Tom Neely are hitting the blacktop for a West Coast signing tour not to be missed. Making appearances at several comic shops along the way, they’ll be bringing all THE HUMANS comics, posters, patches, t-shirts, and exclusive tour-only HUMANS merchandise! It all ends in The Humans’ home-town of Bakersfield for a rock-n-roll party at Babylon with HUMANS Soundtrack bands Zig-Zags and more.

Disney Princesses Reimagined with Personalized Tattoos

Italian illustrator Emmanuel Viola has a bold style that is influenced by anime with bright colors. This set of Disney princesses reimagined (yes, I know it's played out) with story-relevant tattoos is just too gorgeous to ignore. Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella and Belle each get their personalised designs.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Early Screening of 'Supergirl' Gets Thumbs Up from Young Girls

"I liked how positive she was. No matter what happened she was always, always positive," said Makena, age 10.

The best type of Kryptonite against internet trolls is the enthusiasm and empowerment of young people. The unvarnished opinions of young viewers who haven't been corrupted by the cynism of the world wide web. At least not yet. During an early screening in Cathedral City, California, one month in advance of its debut on CBS, an audience of about 100 people including kids were treated to the pilot of 'Supergirl' and the response was overwhelmingly positive like Kara Zor-El herself. 

Prepare for GOTHAM with 3 New Promos for "Knock Knock"

Would you make a deal with Cobblepot? Watch him Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.

Fox Television's 'Gotham' has embraced their biggest strength by putting the emphasize on the villains this season. The show has upped the ante by adding Theo Galavan (James Frain) and his deadly  sister Tabitha/Tigress (Jessica Lucas) as recruiters of their own squad of villains including Jerome Valaska (Cameron Monaghan) who may or may not be a young Joker and Jim Gordon's ex-girlfriend Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) who's eating up the scenery as the devilishly wicked escaped convict. 

PREVIEW: 'Vampirella' Annual 2015 by Nancy A. Collins and Aneke

Available 9/30

No longer the Queen of the Nosferatu, Vampirella is free to begin a new chapter in her life—as a field agent for The Kabal, a covert supernatural organization comprised of monsters that polices their own kind in order to maintain balance between humanity and the world of the occult.

PREVIEW: 'Swords of Sorrow: Red Sonja / Jungle Girl' #3 by Marguerite Bennett and Mirka Andolfo

As the ice storm howls and unleashes a crescendo of destruction, Sonja and Jana howl right back. They have better lung stamina. Just you watch. Mistress Hel plays her final endgame, unleashing powers beyond all control for the fate of the island and all its people! Sonja and Jana aren't going to take that lying down, are they?


Available 9/30

As the daughter and the sidekick to Battle Jack, Jacqueline Mackenzie's life couldn't be any better, but tragedy is just around the corner... Will she be ready to protect Foxbay from the likes of Dr. Chimera and his army of AniMen or the Recycler and the junkbots? Will her new super gorilla sidekick be more than she can handle? Will Aero-Girl still be the hero she (and her family) always dreamed she would be?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Celebrate Batman Day with DC Comics Talent, Free Comics and More Across The U.S.

Celebrate the Dark Knight with Batman Day events at retail stores across the country! Call ahead to see if a location near you will be hosting a Batman Day event with free Batman Day comics (while supplies last)!

New Teaser Video for 'Marvel's Jessica Jones' is Released

Despite a previous teaser and some released images of the show, Netflix's "Marvel's Jessica Jones" is hard to grasp as far as tone and direction. This new 48-second teaser won't help either, but it sure is cute.

Everything is "Not As It Seems" in New SLEEPY HOLLOW Promo

Abbie and Ichabod. One has a purpose. The other’s trying to find one. 
Abbie (Nicole Beharie) and Ichabod (Tom Mison) are back fighting demons and other unspeakable evil in this new promo for 'Sleepy Hollow' season three. Ichabod is still getting accustomed to the ways of the modern world including certain unmentionables. There's also a glimpse of his old flame Betsy Ross (Nikki Reed) and Jenny Mills (Lyndie Greenwood) also returns to help the dynamic duo. 

AGENT CARTER is an L.A. Woman in New Season 2 Poster

Peggy goes Hollywood as evidenced by this promo poster for the second season of Agent Carter. The ABC drama will send Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) courtesy of the SSR. The mini-poster will be available for fans attending New York Comic Con at Marvel's booth (#1354) all weekend.

Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette’s 'Wonder Woman: Earth One' Graphic Novel Cover Revealed

The long-awaited release of Grant Morrison's take on Wonder Woman's mythos is a step closer to reality as the cover of 'Wonder Woman: Earth One' has been released along with a synopsis. The collaboration with artist Yanick Paquette will trace the Amazon's origin as part of the best-selling Earth One graphic novel series. 

Another Wave of Beautiful "Dark Knight III: The Master Race" Variant Covers Emerges

Kenneth Rocafort
The latest round of artwork from DC Comics reveals variant covers by Kenneth Rocafort, Ivan Reis, Tim Sale, ArtGerm and Michael Allred for the much-anticipated 'Dark Knight III: The Master Race.' Written by Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello with art by Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson, the sequel to the seminal 'Dark Knight Returns' arrives on November 25.

The Visual Effects of 'The Flash' Revealed in New Video

One of the many great things about CW's The Flash are the remarkable special effects. It's been amazing to watch big screen quality effects on a television budget. Just turning Grant Gustin into the Flash takes a lot of work and imagination. CW has released a behind-the-scenes video about what it takes to bring all the extraordinary action to life.

Lawrence Block Pens Intro to BLACK HOOD VOL 1 Trade Paperback

If you thought one of the most acclaimed crime comics of 2015 couldn't get any grittier, you'd be wrong.

'Sleepy Hollow's Nicole Beharie Stuns in Playboy Photo Shoot (SFW)

Photography By Josh Reed/ Styling by Taylor Sheridan; Hair by Steven Mason For Exclusive Artists Management Using Oribe Hair Care; Makeup by Kip Zachary For Cloutier Remi
Nicole Beharie is talented and beautiful. A Julliard-trained performer with intensity and charisma to spare. As Abbie Mills on Fox's popular fantasy drama, Sleepy Hollow, Beharie has formed a potent twosome with co-star Tom Mison's Ichabod Crane. Their wonderful chemistry was the saving grace of a rocky season two. With the start of season 3 only days away, Beharie was able to fit in a sexy but tasteful photo spread for Playboy Magazine while on hiatus.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Watch 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' Season 3 Premiere Opening Sequence

If you can't wait for next Tuesday for the season 3 premiere of ABC's 'Agents of SHIELD' then you can get a 5-minute sneak peek to hold you over until then. The opening sequence features Joe, an Inhuman with powers he doesn't understand or control. In comes a mysterious task force to take him in by any means necessary.

Alison Brie Channels Her Inner Unikitty in New Promo for LEGO Dimensions

Alison Brie (who voiced Unikitty in 'The LEGO Movie') discovers the power and anguish of putting together LEGOs in this newly released live-action promo with the release of LEGO Dimensions video game only days away.

Experience 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' With This Immersive 360-Degree Video

Speed across the Jakku desert from Star Wars: The Force Awakens with this immersive 360 experience created exclusively for Facebook.

Impressive 360 video is not new. YouTube has been doing it for some time but for Facebook, 360 video is a shiny new toy. What better way to introduce Facebookers to it than have Star Wars debut an exclusive stunning and immersive video of a speeder racing across the desert near the wreckage of a Star Destroyer.

REVIEW: 'Exit Generation' #1 (of 4) by Sam Read and Caio Oliveira

★★★★☆ 4/5

'Exit Generation' #1 is a promising new sci-fi miniseries from Sam Read and Caio Oliveira. Jack fills his time daydreaming and watching 80's action movies and listening to punk rock. It's forty years into the future and 95% of the population have escaped a desolate earth to live in space. Surprisingly, those left behind find peace and prosper anyway. That is until some uninvited visitors threaten to turn Jack's life upside down.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

'Legends of Tomorrow' Adds 'Mr. Robot' Breakout Stephanie Corneliussen

Stephanie Corneliussen (Mr. Robot) is joining CW's 'Legends of Tomorrow' as Valentina Vostok. The DC Comics character will around for multiple episodes as an ambiguous player that could tip the scales of the Cold War.

COMIC BOOK DAY: Notable New Releases 9/23/15

NEW COMIC BOOK DAY 9/23 by Slidely Slideshow

This week's comic book releases feature a lot of amazing female characters. Black Widow Vol. 3, Princeless Be Yourself #4, Batgirl #44, Betty & Veronica Halloween Annual, and Red Sonja #18 to name a few of this week's incredible women. Let's not forget some of the women creating some of these fabulous stories and more; Gail Simone, Kate Leth, Babs Tarr, Nicole Virella, and Emily Martin. Take a look at this week's notable new releases.

REVIEW: 'Red Sonja' #18 Gail Simone and Walter Geovani

★★★★☆ 4/5

'Red Sonja' #18 marks the end of Gail Simone's excellent run on the series demonstrating what makes the she-devil so special and unique. She's a fierce warrior, a witty combatant who wields a blade of steel but has a heart of gold. She continues to defend the library against the Empress Dowager and her band of vicious Vipers. 

PREVIEW: 'We Are Robin' #4 by Lee Bermejo and James Harvey

In the wake of a huge loss, the Robins are reeling with grief. Riko takes to the rooftops of Burnside to find a symbol of hope, and finds herself living out a dream as she teams up with her personal hero: Batgirl!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

REVIEW: 'Burning Fields' #8 by Tim Daniel, Michael Moreci, Colin Lorimer, and Joana Lafuente

★★★★★ 5/5

'Burning Fields' #8 is the grand finale of one of 2015's best miniseries. What started as a politically charged military drama evolved into a supernatural police procedural turned monster movie that delivered on every level. The conclusion is bittersweet and perfect. 

Alicia Marie Dons 'Pocahontas' Cosplay on Way to Jakarta Comic Con

You don't see 'Pocohontas' cosplay very much, but Alicia Marie proves it can be done and done well. It also holds some sentimental value being the character she won her first costume contest with. She's on her way to Jakarta Comic Con so be sure to stop and said hello to the fabulous Alicia Marie.

Marvel's 'Black Panther' Comic Relaunches with Ta-Nehisi Coates

Acclaimed author, cultural influencer and national correspondent for The Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates, will be adding comic book writer to his long list of achievements. Marvel has chosen the National Book Award nominee to write the upcoming Black Panther series with artist Brian Stelfreeze next spring.

Monday, September 21, 2015

'Supergirl' Season Preview Video Shows Off Kara's Powers

If you didn't catch the new 'Supergirl' sizzle reel during CBS's 'Scorpion' season premiere you can enjoy it below. It features "never-before-seen footage" of the upcoming season including battles with alien criminals that were released when the Kryptonian prison Fort Rozz escaped the Phantom Zone and landed on earth.

'Seduction of the Innocent,' Crime Fiction Series by Ande Parks and Esteve Polls Out This December

Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce that Ande Parks and Esteve Polls, the acclaimed creative team of The Death of Zorro and The Lone Ranger, will reunite for an all-new comic book series, Seduction of the Innocent. Gritty and sometimes depraved crime fiction in the tradition of James Elroy and EC-era crime and horror comics, the series will debut in December 2015 with cover artwork by Eisner Award-winning artist Francesco Francavilla (Afterlife with Archie).

PREVIEW: 'Exit Generation' #1 (of 4) by Sam Read and Caio Oliveira

Available Sept. 23, 2015
Set in a near future, where a sudden depopulation of Earth has resulted in a comfortable but dull utopia, EXIT GENERATION follows a bored punk named Jack, who is thrust suddenly into the unlikely role of saviour when hungry aliens snatch his nearest and dearest.

"Unconventional Heroes" Tee Fury Collection at the Hero Complex Gallery

Hero Complex Gallery is partnering with TeeFury to bring a brand new "Unconventional Heroes" Print and Tee Collection!

Skottie Young's Twisted Fairytale, I HATE FAIRYLAND, is Ready to Shock and Delight Readers in October

Bestselling artist Skottie Young (Fortunately, the MilkRocket RaccoonDorothy and the Wizard of Oz) and Jean-Francois Beaulieu (Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz) debut the creator-owned series, I HATE FAIRYLAND—which was first announced at Image Expo in July—nears its launch date of Wednesday, October 14th with growing enthusiasm within the comics industry and has collected high praise from critics early on.

Steampunk Sci-Fi Comic Series, 'The Precinct,' by Frank J. Barberie and Crizam Zamora Coming in December

Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce the upcoming December release of The Precinct #1, the first chapter in an all-new steampunk science fiction comic book series written by Frank J. Barbiere (Avengers World) and featuring interior artwork by Crizam Zamora (Vampirella: Prelude to Shadows).

PREVIEW: 'Sonic Universe' #80 by Evan Stanley, Tracey Yardley, Jim Amash, et al

The FUTURE is in DANGER, and only Silver the Hedgehog can make things right! “The Silver Age” Part Two: Silver has teamed up with Prof. von Schlemmer and they have a plan for stopping the Genesis Portals!  This seems like the solution everyone’s been waiting for—but why doesn’t the Council want to hear it?  The mystery deepens as a voice calls out to Silver—a voice that only he can hear!  Will our unlikely heroes uncover the conspiracy, or die trying? Featuring cover art from the Sonic comic master Tracy Yardley and a CHAOS CRISIS variant by Rafa Knight!

PREVIEW: 'Betty & Veronica Halloween Annual' #237 by Dan Parent

Archie has received notice that he’s been entered in a “Best Boyfriend of the Year” contest. This may seem like a great thing for Riverdale’s resident Romeo, but there’s one problem: he’s been entered by eight different girls—including Betty and Veronica! And here’s the real kicker—every girl is aware of every other girl’s involvement in this contest! Meet each one of Archie’s dates one by one in the part one of this 10-part series, “The Many Loves of Archie Andrews”! And that’s only the beginning of a fun-filled comics double digest!

PREVIEW: 'Princeless - Book 4: Be Yourself' #4 by Jeremy Whitley Emily Martin, and Brett Grunig

In stores on 9/23/2015

 This is it, the breathtaking conclusion of Be Yourself!  Angoisse is divided between her loyalty to her sister and her love for one of the knights who are hunting her. Will Angoisse let him capture Adrienne and get Angoisse’s hand in marriage as a reward or will she protect her sister’s freedom.  Also, Sparky and the Grimmorax settle their differences.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Alicia Marie Rocks HartfordCon as Ms. Marvel with a New Cosplay Tease

One of our favorite cosplayers and fitness queens for that matter, Alicia Marie is at HartfordCon this weekend. She's rocking her classic Ms. Marvel outfit on Saturday and teasing a new, never before seen costume for Sunday. She looks great in anything, her Storm is especially awesome too, so we can't wait to see what she has cooking next. 

'Supergirl': First Look at Red Tornado for the CBS Series

DC comics character Red Tornado will appear on CBS’ upcoming Supergirl series, and now we have our official first look at the character.

Friday, September 18, 2015

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Vehicles Get the 8-Bit Treatment

Evgeniy Yudin of Mazok Pixels and animator Misha Petrick have brought a sense of adorable nostalgia with fantastic 8-bit animated vehicles from this year's mega-hit movie, Mad Max: Fury Road. Proof that it would make a great old school video game. Check out the entire collection at Behance.

'Arrow' Video: The Evolution of Laurel Lance as the Black Canary

Here's a clip from the upcoming video release of 'Arrow' Season 3 available on Septemeber 22. It features a behind-the-scenes look at how far Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) has come and what it means to embody the legacy of the Black Canary left by her sister. 

Craig Drake Volume 1 Art Book Hits NYCC with Signings and Exclusive Sketches

Craig Drake Volume 1 Art Book will first be available at NYCC from October 8-11. Craig will be signing books in person October 8-10 in Booth #236. Craig Drake original sketches will be randomly inserted into the first 500 orders, so be quick! For those ordering with delivery, the Craig Drake Volume 1 Art Book will start shipping the week of October 12th.



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