PREVIEW: 'Sheena: Queen of the Jungle' #4 by Marguerite Bennett, Christina Trujillo and Maria Sanapo

Monsters out of myth and nightmare explode from the rot of time, hungry for living flesh! Sheena now must find a way to stop both the creatures and Cadwell’s men before the unthinkable happens and the forest she calls home is forever destroyed.

Sheena: Queen of the Jungle #4
writers: Marguerite Bennett,
               Christina Trujillo
artist: Maria Sanapo, Mario Torrisi
covers: Moritat (A)
              Maria Sanapo (B)
              Marco Santucci (C)
              Cosplay Photo Variant (D)
              Moritat (RI B/W)
              Marco Santucci (RI B/W)
              Maria Sanapo (RI B/W)
FC  |  32 pages  |  $3.99  |  Teen + 

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