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Are Joker and Batman in Love in Harley Quinn?

If you’re a fan of the DC Universe, you might have come across the animated series Harley Quinn. This show has been making waves since its debut in 2019 for its edgy humor, explicit language, and unique take on some of our favorite characters.

One of the most interesting storylines in the show revolves around the relationship between Joker and Batman. In many episodes, it seems like there’s a tension between these two characters that goes beyond just being arch-nemeses.

So, are Joker and Batman in love in Harley Quinn? Let’s explore this topic further.

Exploring the Relationship Between Joker and Batman

To understand whether Joker and Batman are in love in Harley Quinn, we need to examine their relationship first. In this show, their dynamic is far from what we’ve seen in other adaptations. They’re not just fighting each other for the sake of it – there’s a deeper connection between them that’s hard to ignore.

Throughout the series, we see moments where Joker and Batman seem to be almost obsessed with each other. They can’t stop thinking about one another even when they’re not together. There are scenes where they stare at each other longingly or share intimate moments that go beyond just fighting.

The Evidence for Their Love

So, what makes us think that Joker and Batman might be in love? Here are some instances from the show:

  • Their Obsession: As mentioned earlier, both characters seem to be fixated on each other. Even when they’re not together physically, they can’t stop thinking about one another.
  • Their Emotional Connection: There are scenes where both characters share emotional moments that go beyond just being enemies. For instance, when Joker is dying after a fight with Batman, he tells him that he loves him.
  • Their Jealousy: In one episode, we see Joker getting jealous of Batman’s relationship with Harley Quinn. He even goes so far as to suggest that Batman is in love with her. This jealousy could be a sign that Joker has feelings for Batman.

The Counterarguments

Of course, not everyone agrees that Joker and Batman are in love in Harley Quinn. Some argue that their relationship is purely platonic, and any romantic overtones are just a result of the show’s unique style.

Here are some counterarguments to consider:

  • The Show’s Satirical Nature: Harley Quinn is known for its satirical take on the DC Universe. It’s possible that the showrunners are just poking fun at the idea of these two characters being in love.
  • Their Mutual Hate: While there are moments where both characters seem to be drawn to each other, there are also scenes where they express their hatred for one another. This could indicate that any romantic feelings they have are outweighed by their animosity.
  • Their Differences: Joker and Batman are fundamentally different characters. While they might share certain traits, such as their obsession with Gotham City, they ultimately have different values and goals. It might be hard for them to reconcile these differences in a romantic relationship.


In conclusion, whether Joker and Batman are in love in Harley Quinn is up for debate. There’s evidence both for and against this theory, and ultimately it comes down to personal interpretation.

What we can say for sure is that Harley Quinn is a refreshingly bold take on the DC Universe that challenges our preconceptions of these iconic characters. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking for something new to watch, this show is definitely worth checking out.