Batman / Batman Joker

Are the Batman and Joker Friends?

Batman and Joker’s relationship is one of the most intriguing and complex dynamics in the comic book world. Fans have been debating for years whether they are friends, enemies, or something in between. Let’s dive into this topic and explore the depth of their relationship.

Their Initial Encounter

Batman and Joker’s first encounter happened in 1940 when the Joker made his debut in Batman #1. In that issue, Joker was portrayed as a ruthless criminal who terrorized Gotham City with his twisted sense of humor. From that moment on, the two characters have been locked in a perpetual battle, with Batman trying to stop the Joker’s evil schemes.

Friendship or Enmity?

Many fans believe that there is more to their relationship than just being enemies. Some speculate that they might actually be friends, while others argue that their relationship is purely adversarial.

One argument for their friendship is that they share a deep understanding of each other. The Joker knows Batman better than anyone else and understands what drives him. In some instances, he has even helped Batman out of dire situations.

On the other hand, some fans believe that their relationship is based purely on enmity. They point out that the Joker represents chaos and destruction while Batman represents order and justice. Their core beliefs are fundamentally opposed to each other, making it impossible for them to be true friends.

The Killing Joke

One of the most famous comics exploring their relationship is “The Killing Joke.” In this story, the Joker tries to prove his point that anyone can become like him through “one bad day.” He Targets Commissioner Gordon by shooting his daughter Barbara (who later becomes Oracle) and then torturing Gordon.

Throughout this story, there are hints that suggest a deeper connection between Batman and Joker. The final panel shows them sharing a laugh together after Batman seemingly puts an end to the Joker’s reign of terror. Some fans interpret this as a sign that they share a bond that goes beyond their adversarial relationship.


In conclusion, the question of whether Batman and Joker are friends is a complex one. While there are instances where they have come to each other’s aid, their fundamental beliefs are too different for them to be true friends. However, there is no denying that their relationship is one of the most fascinating in comic book history.

  • Key Takeaways:
  • – Their initial encounter was in 1940 when Joker made his debut in Batman #1.
  • – There are arguments for both being friends and enemies.
  • – The Killing Joke is one of the most famous comics exploring their relationship.