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Can You Create a Character in Lego Marvel Superheroes?

Have you ever wondered if you can create your own character in Lego Marvel Superheroes? The answer is no, unfortunately.

What is Lego Marvel Superheroes?
Lego Marvel Superheroes is a video game that was released in 2013. It features various characters from the Marvel universe, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America. The game has an open-world format where players can explore iconic locations like Stark Tower and Asgard.

Can You Create a Character?
As mentioned earlier, you cannot create your own character in Lego Marvel Superheroes. However, the game does offer a wide range of playable characters to choose from. Players can choose from over 100 characters that have unique abilities and powers.

How to Unlock Characters
Some characters are unlocked by completing certain levels or tasks within the game. For example, completing all the Deadpool red brick challenges will unlock Deadpool as a playable character. Other characters are unlocked by finding them throughout the open-world environment.

  • Hulk can be unlocked by completing the mission “Feeling Fisky” in story mode.
  • Loki can be found on top of Stark Tower after completing his mission.
  • The Punisher can be found in his van parked on a street near Central Park South.

Customizing Characters
While you cannot create your own character, you do have the option to customize some of the existing ones. For example, you can change Iron Man’s suit color or give Wolverine a cowboy hat.

In conclusion, while it would be cool to create your own character in Lego Marvel Superheroes, it’s not possible within the game. However, with over 100 playable characters and customization options available, there is still plenty of fun to be had exploring the Marvel universe in Lego form.