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Can You Make a Comic Strip in PowerPoint?

Have you ever thought about creating a comic strip but didn’t know where to start? Did you know that you can actually make one using Microsoft PowerPoint?

That’s right, PowerPoint isn’t just for boring presentations! With a little creativity and some basic skills, you can create an impressive comic strip in no time.

Getting Started

First things first, open up PowerPoint and create a new blank presentation. Select the “Design” tab and choose a theme that fits the style of your comic. You can also customize the background color by selecting “Background Styles” under the “Design” tab.

Creating Characters

The first step in creating your comic strip is to design your characters. You can use the shape tools in PowerPoint to create basic shapes such as circles, rectangles, and triangles to form your character’s body.

Then add details such as facial features, clothing, and accessories by using shapes or inserting images. Be sure to group all of your character’s elements together so that they move as a single object.

Setting Up Panels

Next, it’s time to set up your comic panels. Under the “Insert” tab, select “Shapes” and choose a rectangle shape.

Draw it on your slide and adjust its size to fit the panel shape you want. You can duplicate this shape for additional panels.

Adding Text

Now it’s time to add text to your comic strip. Use the text box tool under the “Insert” tab to add dialogue or narration boxes within each panel. Customize these boxes by adjusting font type, size, color and adding effects like shadows or outlines.

Adding Sound Effects

To add sound effects such as “POW!” or “BAM!”

in your comic strip, use WordArt under the “Insert” tab. Select a font style that looks bold and comic-like, type in your sound effect, and adjust the size as needed.

Adding Speech Bubbles

Speech bubbles are a classic element of comic strips. To create them in PowerPoint, use the “Shapes” tool to draw a cloud-like shape.

Customize it by adjusting its outline style and thickness. Add text by inserting a text box within the bubble.

Exporting Your Comic Strip

Once you’ve completed your comic strip, you can save it as a PDF or image file for easy sharing. To do this, select “File” then “Export” and choose your preferred file format.


Creating a comic strip in PowerPoint is not only possible but also fun and easy! With some basic skills and creativity, you can produce an impressive comic strip that tells your story visually. So give it a try and let your inner cartoonist shine!