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Can You Play as Joker in Batman: Arkham Knight PS4?

Are you a fan of the Joker? Have you been wondering if it’s possible to play as the infamous villain in Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll be exploring whether or not playing as Joker is possible in the game.

Playing as Joker in Batman: Arkham Knight PS4

Unfortunately, playing as Joker is not an option in Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4. The game does feature Joker prominently in the story, but players are limited to playing as Batman and his allies.

The Story of Batman: Arkham Knight

In this game, the story takes place after the events of Arkham City. The Scarecrow has returned to Gotham City and has united some of Batman’s most dangerous foes in an attempt to finally defeat him. Meanwhile, a new villain known as the Arkham Knight has emerged and seems to have a personal vendetta against Batman.

Throughout the game, players take control of Batman and must use his skills and gadgets to take down these threats and save Gotham City once again. As mentioned earlier, while Joker does play a significant role in the story, players do not have the option to play as him.

Other Playable Characters

While players may be disappointed that they cannot play as Joker, there are still other playable characters in the game. Players can switch between Batman and his allies such as Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman during certain missions. Each character has their unique abilities that can help players tackle different challenges throughout Gotham City.


In conclusion, while it may be disappointing that players cannot play as Joker in Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4, there are still plenty of other exciting features for players to enjoy. The game offers an immersive storyline with plenty of action-packed gameplay and a range of playable characters with unique abilities. So, if you’re a fan of the Batman universe, this game is definitely worth checking out!