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Did Batman Kill Joker in Arkham Knight?

Batman and Joker have always had a complicated relationship, and it’s no different in the game “Batman: Arkham Knight.” One of the biggest questions fans have had is whether or not Batman killed the Joker in the game’s climactic finale. Let’s take a deeper look into what happened.

The Joker’s Storyline

The Joker has been a constant thorn in Batman’s side throughout the game series. In “Arkham Knight,” he appears as a hallucination, haunting Batman as he tries to take down Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight. As we get closer to the end of the game, it becomes apparent that something big is going to happen regarding the Joker.

The Final Confrontation

In the final confrontation between Batman and the Joker, it seems as though Batman finally puts an end to his nemesis once and for all. After being injected with a serum that will turn him into a more powerful version of himself, Joker stabs Batman in an attempt to kill him. However, shortly after this happens, it becomes clear that something strange is going on.

The Twist

As it turns out, what players thought was Batman killing the Joker was actually just another hallucination induced by Scarecrow’s fear toxin. The real climax involves Batman fighting off his inner demons and coming to terms with his past mistakes.

So Did Batman Kill Joker?

Ultimately, no – Batman did not kill the Joker in “Arkham Knight.” While it may have seemed like he did at first glance, it was all part of an elaborate hallucination sequence designed to mess with both players’ heads and Batman’s psyche.


“Batman: Arkham Knight” is full of twists and turns that keep players on their toes until the very end. While it may have seemed like Batman killed the Joker, it was all just a clever misdirection. Regardless of what really happened, one thing is certain – the Joker’s influence will continue to haunt Batman for years to come.