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Did Kiss Have a Comic Book?

Kiss, the legendary American rock band, has always been known for their larger than life stage performances, flamboyant costumes, and iconic makeup. But did you know that they also had their own comic book

Yes, you read it right! The band’s popularity was such that they even became superheroes in their own comic book series.

The Origins of Kiss Comics

The first Kiss comic book was published in 1977 by Marvel Comics. The comic was titled “Super Special” and featured a 56-page story of the band’s adventures as superheroes fighting against an evil villain named “Dr.

Doom.” The issue also included photos of the band members and a centerfold poster.

The success of the first issue led to a series of Kiss comic books being published by Marvel throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s. These comics featured various storylines involving the band members as superheroes fighting off different villains in different settings.

The Storylines

One of the most popular Kiss comics was “Blood, Sweat, and Glory,” which saw the band members transported back in time to medieval Europe to fight off an evil sorcerer. The storyline was a huge hit with fans who loved seeing their favorite rock stars as medieval warriors.

Another popular storyline was “Kissnation,” which saw the band members transformed into alien superheroes to save Earth from an alien invasion. This storyline had all the elements of a classic sci-fi thriller with plenty of action and adventure.

The Legacy

The Kiss comics were not just popular among fans but also helped to cement the band’s status as cultural icons. They proved that Kiss was not just a rock band but also a brand that could be marketed in different mediums.

Over the years, several other publishers have released Kiss comics, including Image Comics and Dynamite Entertainment. These newer comics have continued to feature the band members as superheroes, battling different villains in different settings.

In conclusion, the Kiss comics were a unique addition to the band’s legacy and helped to establish them as cultural icons. They also showed that music and comics could be combined to create a unique entertainment experience. If you’re a fan of Kiss or comics, then these comic books are definitely worth checking out!