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Did Robert De Niro Play the Joker in Batman?

Robert De Niro is a legendary actor, known for his versatile acting skills. He has played various iconic roles in movies like The Godfather Part II, Goodfellas, and Taxi Driver.

However, there has been a lot of speculation about whether or not Robert De Niro played the Joker in Batman. Let’s delve deeper into this topic.

Robert De Niro and the Joker

Firstly, it’s important to note that Robert De Niro did not play the Joker in any Batman movie. In fact, the role of the Joker has been portrayed by several actors over the years, including Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and Joaquin Phoenix.

Where Did This Rumor Come From?

Despite the fact that Robert De Niro never played the Joker in any Batman movies, there are still many people who believe he did. This rumor started due to his role in the 2019 film ‘Joker’. In this movie, De Niro played a talk show host named Murray Franklin who is murdered by the titular character.

The Connection

Some fans have speculated that De Niro’s character in ‘Joker’ was inspired by his role as Johnny Boy in Martin Scorsese’s 1973 film ‘Mean Streets’. Johnny Boy is a reckless and impulsive character who is constantly getting into trouble with the law. The similarities between Johnny Boy and Murray Franklin have led some fans to believe that Franklin was actually an older version of Johnny Boy.

The Truth

Despite all of these rumors and speculations, it’s important to remember that Robert De Niro never played the Joker in any Batman movie. While he did play an important role in ‘Joker’, he was not portraying the iconic villain.


In conclusion, it’s clear that there has been a lot of confusion regarding Robert De Niro’s involvement in the Batman franchise. While he is a talented actor who has played many memorable roles, he never took on the role of the Joker.

His performance in ‘Joker’ was impressive, but it was not a portrayal of the iconic villain. As always, it’s important to separate fact from fiction and not believe everything we hear or read online.