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Do You Need Permission to Share a Comic Strip?

Comics are a popular form of art that combines illustrations and texts to convey a story or idea. The internet has made it easier to share comics with a wider audience, but it has also raised questions about copyright laws.

Do you need permission to share a comic strip? Let’s explore the answer to this question.

Understanding Copyright Laws

Copyright laws protect the original creator’s right to their work, including comics. This means that only the creator or someone who has been given explicit permission by the creator can reproduce or distribute their work.

Fair Use Doctrine

However, there is an exception to this rule called fair use doctrine. Fair use allows limited use of copyrighted material without permission from the creator for purposes such as commentary, criticism, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research. The key here is that fair use is determined on a case-by-case basis and depends on various factors such as the purpose of the use and its potential effect on the market value of the original work.

Sharing Comics Online

When it comes to sharing comics online, fair use applies in some cases but not all. For example, if you are using a comic strip for educational purposes or as part of a review or critique, you may be able to share it without permission under fair use doctrine. However, if you are simply sharing a comic strip for entertainment purposes or for personal gain without permission from the creator, you may be infringing on their copyright.

Getting Permission

If you want to share a comic strip online but are unsure about whether it falls under fair use doctrine or not, your best bet is to get permission from the creator. You can reach out to them via email or social media and ask for their consent. Be sure to provide details about how you intend to use their work and give them credit for their creation.


In conclusion, the answer to whether you need permission to share a comic strip online depends on various factors, including fair use doctrine and the purpose of your use. It’s important to understand copyright laws and respect the original creator’s rights when sharing their work online. When in doubt, it’s always best to seek permission from the creator before sharing their comics with others.