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Does Batman Beyond the Complete Series Come With Return of the Joker?

If you’re a fan of the Batman Beyond series, then you’re probably familiar with the animated movie, “Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.” This movie is a fan favorite and features the return of one of Batman’s most iconic villains.

But does the complete series of Batman Beyond include this movie? Let’s find out.

What is Batman Beyond?

First, let’s talk about what Batman Beyond is all about. The series takes place in the future, where Bruce Wayne (the original Batman) has retired and a new hero has taken his place. Terry McGinnis becomes the new Batman after stumbling upon Bruce Wayne’s secret lair and discovering his true identity.

The show ran for three seasons from 1999-2001 and was well received by fans and critics alike. The show was so popular that it spawned an animated movie, “Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.”

What is “Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker?”

“Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker” is a direct-to-video animated movie that was released in 2000. The movie takes place after the events of season two and features the return of The Joker. However, this isn’t just any version of The Joker – this version is even more twisted and dangerous than before.

The movie was highly praised by fans and critics alike for its dark tone and intense action scenes. It also featured strong voice acting from actors like Mark Hamill (who voices The Joker) and Kevin Conroy (who voices Bruce Wayne/Batman).

Does the complete series come with “Return of the Joker?”

Now to answer the question on everyone’s mind – does the complete series come with “Return of the Joker?” Unfortunately, it depends on which version you purchase.

If you purchase the DVD or Blu-ray set that was released in 2010, then yes – it does come with “Return of the Joker.” This set includes all three seasons of the show, as well as the movie.

However, if you purchase the digital version of the series on platforms like Amazon or iTunes, then “Return of the Joker” is not included. You’ll have to purchase it separately if you want to watch it.


In conclusion, if you’re looking to purchase Batman Beyond and want to make sure you get “Return of the Joker,” then make sure to buy the DVD or Blu-ray set released in 2010. This set includes everything you need to fully experience the world of Batman Beyond. However, if you prefer digital versions, keep in mind that “Return of the Joker” is not included and will need to be purchased separately.

Overall, Batman Beyond is a fantastic series that any fan of superheroes and action should check out. And with “Return of the Joker” included in some versions of the complete series, there’s even more reason to give it a watch.