Batman / Batman Joker

Does Batman Want to Kill Joker?

Batman and Joker’s relationship is one of the most iconic in the history of comic books, movies, and television. It’s no secret that Batman and Joker have a complicated relationship, but the question that has been on everyone’s mind for years is whether or not Batman wants to kill Joker.

The Complexity of Batman and Joker’s Relationship

The relationship between Batman and Joker is complex, to say the least. On one hand, they are archenemies who have been locked in a battle of good versus evil for decades.

On the other hand, they share a deep connection that goes beyond their adversarial roles. In fact, some fans argue that Batman needs Joker just as much as Joker needs Batman.

The History of Batman and Joker

Batman and Joker first appeared together in 1940 in “Batman #1”. Since then, they have shared countless battles throughout various comics, movies, and television shows. While their relationship has always been tumultuous, it wasn’t until Alan Moore’s “The Killing Joke” that we got a glimpse into the true nature of their connection.

In “The Killing Joke”, we learn that before he became the Joker, he was a failed comedian who turned to crime to support his pregnant wife. After his wife died in a freak accident, he was pushed over the edge and transformed into the maniacal villain we know today.

Does Batman Want to Kill Joker?

The short answer is no; Batman does not want to kill Joker. This is because unlike other superheroes who see killing as an acceptable solution to stopping villains who pose a threat to society, Batman has always held himself to a higher moral standard.

Batman sees himself as a protector of Gotham City and believes that killing would make him no better than those he fights against. Additionally, he understands that killing would only further perpetuate violence and would not serve justice in the long run.

The One Exception

While Batman has never actively sought to kill Joker, there have been instances where he has come close. In “The Dark Knight Returns”, Batman is forced to fight an aging Joker who has once again wreaked havoc on Gotham City. During their final confrontation, Batman breaks Joker’s neck, killing him instantly.

While this moment is often cited as an example of Batman’s willingness to kill, it’s important to note that this was a last resort and not a premeditated act. In fact, Batman is shown mourning Joker’s death in the following panels.


In conclusion, while Batman and Joker’s relationship is undoubtedly complex and often violent, Batman does not want to kill Joker. He understands that killing would only perpetuate violence and would make him no better than the villains he fights against. Instead, he remains committed to his moral code and seeks to bring justice to Gotham City in a way that aligns with his values as a hero.