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Does Joker Appear in Batman Beyond?

If you are a fan of Batman, then you must have heard of Batman Beyond. The show is set in the future where a teenage boy named Terry McGinnis takes on the mantle of Batman under the guidance of an aging Bruce Wayne.

However, many fans have wondered whether the Joker appears in this series. In this article, we will answer this question and explore the various theories surrounding it.

Who is Joker?

Before we dive into the topic, let’s take a quick look at who Joker is. The Joker is one of Batman’s most iconic villains.

He first appeared in Batman #1 in 1940 and has since been a recurring character in various Batman adaptations. Known for his maniacal laughter and unpredictable behavior, he has caused chaos and destruction in Gotham City time and again.

Does Joker Appear in Batman Beyond?

The short answer is no; Joker does not appear in Batman Beyond. However, his legacy looms large over the series.

The Return of the Joker

In the movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, which takes place after Season 3 of Batman Beyond, we see an older version of Tim Drake (the third Robin) take on the mantle of Joker after being brainwashed by him. This movie serves as a bridge between Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond and provides closure to some storylines from both shows.

Jokerz Gang

In the series itself, we see a group called “Jokerz Gang,” which is inspired by Joker’s legacy. They wear clown-like costumes and cause trouble throughout Gotham City. While they are not directly related to Joker himself, they serve as a reminder that his influence can still be felt even decades later.


Despite being dead in the timeline of Batman Beyond, some fans believe that Joker does appear in the series. Here are some popular theories:

Old Man Joker

One theory suggests that the Joker is still alive and has aged along with Bruce Wayne. In this scenario, he would be an old man and would not be able to cause as much destruction as he used to. While this theory is intriguing, there is no evidence to support it.

Joker’s DNA

Another theory suggests that the Joker’s DNA was used to create the villain Blight, who appears in Season 2 of Batman Beyond. While Blight does share some similarities with Joker (such as his maniacal laughter), there is no concrete evidence to support this theory either.


While Joker himself does not appear in Batman Beyond, his influence can still be felt throughout the series. The show explores new villains and storylines while paying homage to its predecessor. Whether you are a fan of Batman: The Animated Series or just looking for a new take on the Dark Knight, Batman Beyond is definitely worth checking out.