Batman / Batman Joker

Does Joker Hate Batman?

The Joker and Batman are two of the most iconic characters in the comic book world. While their relationship has been explored in various media, one question that has always lingered is whether Joker hates Batman or not.

What is the Joker’s Motivation?

To answer this question, we need to understand the motivation of the Joker. The Joker is a character who thrives on chaos and anarchy.

He does not have any specific goals or ambitions apart from causing destruction and mayhem. His sole purpose in life is to show that anyone can be pushed to madness if they are put through enough pain and suffering.

The Joker’s Relationship with Batman

The relationship between the Joker and Batman is complex. On one hand, they are arch-nemeses who have been locked in a perpetual battle for decades. On the other hand, they share a strange bond that goes beyond just good versus evil.

The Joker’s view on Batman

From the perspective of the Joker, he does not hate Batman per se. Instead, he sees him as a necessary foil to his own madness. In many ways, Batman represents order and justice, which are concepts that are anathema to the Joker’s worldview.

In fact, there have been instances where the Joker has expressed admiration for Batman’s unwavering commitment to his ideals. However, this admiration is always tinged with a sense of disappointment that Batman cannot be swayed to embrace chaos like he has.

Does Batman Hate The Joker?

On the other hand, it could be argued that it is Batman who hates the Joker more than vice versa. After all, it is usually Batman who is tasked with stopping the Joker’s nefarious schemes time and time again.

However, even here things are not so straightforward. There have been instances where it appears that Batman might be willing to go to extreme lengths to save the Joker’s life, which suggests a level of attachment that goes beyond just a desire to bring him to justice.


In conclusion, the relationship between the Joker and Batman is one of the most fascinating aspects of the comic book world. While it is clear that they are enemies, their bond goes far beyond just a simple rivalry. Ultimately, it is up to each individual reader to decide whether the Joker truly hates Batman or not.