Batman / Batman Joker

Does Joker Try to Kill Batman?

As one of the most iconic comic book characters of all time, the Joker is a notorious villain who has caused chaos and destruction in Gotham City. But does he have a specific goal in mind when it comes to his arch-nemesis, Batman?

Does the Joker actively try to kill Batman? Let’s take a closer look at their complicated relationship.

The Joker’s Obsession with Batman

The Joker’s obsession with Batman is well-documented in various comics and movies. He sees himself as Batman’s opposite, a chaotic force that challenges the Dark Knight’s strict moral code. The Joker takes pleasure in causing destruction and mayhem, often Targeting innocent civilians in his schemes.

The Joker’s Attempts to Kill Batman

Despite their complicated relationship, the Joker has attempted to kill Batman on numerous occasions. In fact, it could be argued that he sees killing Batman as his ultimate goal – if he can defeat the Caped Crusader once and for all, he can prove that chaos reigns supreme over order.

Some of the most well-known attempts by the Joker on Batman’s life include:

  • Poisoning Commissioner Gordon in “The Killing Joke” storyline to lure Batman into a trap
  • Setting up an elaborate death trap involving acid in “Death of the Family”
  • Planting bombs throughout Gotham City in “No Man’s Land”

The Cat-and-Mouse Game Continues

Despite these attempts, the Joker has never been successful in killing Batman. In fact, their ongoing struggle has become something of a cat-and-mouse game – each time the Joker comes up with a new plan to destroy Gotham City or kill its protector, Batman manages to thwart him.


So does the Joker actively try to kill Batman? The answer is yes – he sees it as his ultimate goal and has attempted to do so on numerous occasions.

However, the Dark Knight’s superior skills and intellect have always managed to save him from the Joker’s schemes. It’s clear that this complicated relationship between hero and villain will continue for years to come, providing countless thrilling storylines for fans of the Batman universe.