Batman / Batman Joker

Does the Batman Kill Joker?

Batman and Joker have been locked in a dark, twisted dance of death for decades. While Batman has always been portrayed as a hero who refuses to take lives, the Joker has always been the opposite.

He is a chaotic force that revels in the death and destruction he causes, often hurting those closest to Batman. With that said, many people wonder if Batman would ever break his own moral code and kill the Joker.

The Comic Book Conflict

The debate about whether or not Batman would kill the Joker has raged on for years. The argument stems from a series of comics called “A Death in the Family” where fans were given the power to decide whether or not Robin would live or die at the hands of the Joker. The story culminates with Robin’s death, leaving Batman feeling responsible.

Would Batman Kill?

While Batman has always been portrayed as a hero who refuses to take lives, there have been moments throughout his history where he’s come close to breaking this rule. In Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns,” an aging Bruce Wayne nearly kills the Joker after he murders thousands of people on live television. However, he ultimately decides against it.

The Line Between Life and Death

Batman’s refusal to kill is often seen as one of his defining characteristics, but it also raises questions about how far he is willing to go in order to stop criminals like the Joker. In some cases, Batman’s actions can lead directly or indirectly to someone’s death, even though he didn’t directly cause it himself.


While there have been moments where it seemed like Batman might break his one rule and kill the Joker, ultimately he has always held back. As much as he might want revenge for all of the harm that has been inflicted upon him and those around him by this villainous clown, Batman understands that taking a life would compromise everything he stands for.

In conclusion, it’s highly unlikely that Batman would kill the Joker. His moral code is too strong for him to break so easily, even in the face of such extreme circumstances. However, their ongoing conflict is sure to continue as long as both characters exist in the DC Universe.