Batman / Batman Joker

Does the Joker Like Batman?

The Joker and Batman have been archenemies in the DC Comics universe for decades. But the question remains, does the Joker like Batman?

It’s a complex question with no clear-cut answer. Let’s explore some of the different theories.

Comics Canon

In the traditional comics canon, the Joker despises Batman and is obsessed with destroying him. This animosity stems from their first encounter, where Batman thwarted his plan to rob a chemical plant, causing him to fall into a vat of chemicals that disfigured his face and drove him insane.

The Joker sees himself as Batman’s opposite, chaos to his order, and seeks to prove that life is meaningless and chaotic. To this end, he has carried out countless attacks on Gotham City, each time trying to break down Batman mentally and physically.


While it’s true that the comics canon portrays the Joker as an enemy of Batman, some fans have suggested alternative theories about their relationship. One such theory is that the Joker secretly likes or even loves Batman.

Some fans argue that the Joker’s obsession with defeating Batman goes beyond a desire for chaos. They suggest that it’s actually a twisted form of love – that he wants to be noticed by Batman and craves his attention.

Others suggest that the two are locked in a never-ending cycle of codependency. The Joker needs Batman to justify his existence as a villain, while Batman needs the Joker to remind him why he fights for justice.


So does the Joker like Batman? It’s hard to say for sure. While their interactions in comics canon show them as enemies, there are fan theories that suggest something deeper may be going on between them.

One thing is certain: their relationship is one of the most iconic in all of comic book history. Whether they love or hate each other (or both), their dynamic continues to captivate audiences and inspire new stories even after all these years.