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How Did Batman Kill Joker?

Batman and Joker have one of the most iconic rivalries in comic book history. Through countless battles, Batman has always managed to stop Joker’s heinous plans. However, there have been instances where the Dark Knight has contemplated killing Joker to put an end to his madness once and for all.

But did he ever follow through with his thoughts? Let’s delve into the controversial topic of “How Did Batman Kill Joker? “

The Controversy

There have been many debates over whether Batman actually killed Joker or not. Some fans believe that in Alan Moore’s “The Killing Joke,” Batman kills Joker at the end of the story. Others argue that it was left open to interpretation, and there is no concrete evidence that Batman killed him.

The Killing Joke

In “The Killing Joke,” Joker paralyzes Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) and kidnaps Commissioner Gordon. He then subjects Gordon to a series of torturous events while forcing him to view pictures of his daughter’s injuries.

Batman eventually arrives and confronts Joker on a rooftop.

During their conversation, Batman offers to help Joker rehabilitate himself, but he refuses. In response, Batman grabs Joker by the collar and begins laughing with him as the panels fade to black.

The final panel shows a shadowed figure (presumably Batman) reaching towards Joker with his hands around his neck while both characters share a laugh.


The ending of “The Killing Joke” is open to interpretation because it is unclear what happens after the fade to black. It is possible that Batman did kill Joker, but it is also possible that he restrained himself from doing so.

Moreover, there are several other instances in which Batman has had opportunities to kill Joker but chose not to. For example, in “Batman: Endgame,” Batman has the chance to kill Joker with a batarang, but he ultimately decides against it.


In conclusion, there is no concrete evidence that Batman killed Joker. While “The Killing Joke” ending is ambiguous, it does not definitively show Batman killing Joker. Moreover, Batman’s moral code forbids him from taking a life, even if it is the life of his arch-nemesis.

The debate over whether Batman killed Joker will likely continue for years to come. However, one thing is certain – their rivalry will always be one of the most iconic in comic book history.