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How Did Joker Infected Batman?

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How Did Joker Infected Batman?

Batman is one of the most iconic and enduring superheroes, known for his intelligence, strength, and determination to fight crime in Gotham City. However, even he is not immune to the insidious schemes of his arch-nemesis, the Joker.

In one storyline, the Joker managed to infect Batman with a deadly virus that threatened not only his life but also his sanity. Here’s how it happened.

The Setup

It all started when the Joker decided to create a new toxin that could drive people mad with laughter. He tested it on several victims, who died laughing uncontrollably until their bodies twisted into grotesque shapes. The Joker was pleased with his creation and wanted to share it with Batman, whom he considered his ultimate playmate.

However, the Joker knew that Batman would not willingly expose himself to such a danger without a good reason. So he contrived an elaborate plan that involved manipulating several other villains to distract Batman while he planted the toxin in a hidden location.

  • The Riddler set up a series of puzzles and riddles that led Batman on a wild goose chase through Gotham City.
  • Catwoman stole some valuable jewels from a museum and lured Batman into a trap where she pretended to be seduced by him.
  • The Penguin launched an attack on Wayne Enterprises and threatened to destroy some important documents unless Batman intervened.
  • Bane broke into Arkham Asylum and released several dangerous inmates who caused chaos in the city.

All these events happened simultaneously or sequentially, keeping Batman busy and drained for days. Meanwhile, the Joker sneaked into the Batcave and infected one of Batman’s spare costumes with his toxin, leaving a mocking note that challenged Batman to find him and stop him before it was too late.

The Infection

When Batman returned to the Batcave, he noticed that something was off. He felt dizzy, feverish, and disoriented. At first, he thought it was just exhaustion from his battles with the other villains, but soon he realized that he had been infected with a deadly virus.

The virus had entered his bloodstream through tiny needles embedded in the costume’s fabric. It attacked his nervous system and triggered hallucinations, delusions, and convulsions.

At times, Batman saw the Joker taunting him or laughing hysterically at his pain. At other times, he saw himself as a monster or a criminal who deserved to die.

Batman tried to fight off the virus with his superior willpower and medical knowledge but found that it was too strong for him alone. He needed help from Alfred Pennyworth, his loyal butler and confidant.

The Cure

Alfred analyzed the virus’s composition and found an antidote that could neutralize its effects. However, he warned Batman that it would be risky to take it without proper precautions. The antidote required a special device that could inject it directly into Batman’s bloodstream while shielding him from further exposure to the virus.

Alfred built the device quickly but had trouble finding a suitable location for it due to Batman’s weakened state. Eventually, he decided to use an abandoned Subway station as a makeshift lab where he could monitor Batman’s vital signs and administer the antidote safely.

Batman barely made it to the lab before collapsing from exhaustion and pain. Alfred injected him with the antidote, which caused him to convulse violently for a few seconds before stabilizing his condition. Batman regained consciousness and thanked Alfred for saving his life.

The Aftermath

Although Batman recovered from the virus, he suffered some lasting effects on his psyche. He became more paranoid, aggressive, and distant from his allies and friends. He also developed a deep-seated fear of the Joker that haunted him for years to come.

The Joker, meanwhile, reveled in his victory over Batman and continued to taunt him with new schemes that tested his limits. He knew that he could never defeat Batman physically or intellectually but believed that he could break him mentally and emotionally by playing on his weaknesses.

The infection was one of the most harrowing experiences in Batman’s career as a crimefighter, reminding him that even the strongest and smartest person could fall prey to evil if they let their guard down or underestimate their enemies.