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How Did the Comic Strip for Better or Worse End?

The comic strip “For Better or For Worse” was a beloved part of many readers’ daily routines for over 30 years. Created by Canadian cartoonist Lynn Johnston, the strip followed the lives of the Patterson family, chronicling their joys and struggles over the years.

But in 2008, Johnston made the decision to end the strip. So how did it all come to an end?

The Beginning of the End

The decision to end “For Better or For Worse” was not made lightly. In fact, Johnston had been considering it for several years before finally making the announcement in 2008.

The reason for her decision was simple – she felt that she had told all the stories she wanted to tell about the Patterson family. In a statement on her website, Johnston wrote:

“I have realized that I have said everything I can say about these characters from this particular point of view..It’s time for me to move on to other things.”

The Final Strip

The final strip of “For Better or For Worse” was published on August 30th, 2008. It was a poignant and emotional conclusion to a long-running comic strip that had touched so many readers’ lives over the years.

In the final strip, Johnston chose to take a unique approach. Rather than ending with a punchline or a cliffhanger, she instead opted to reflect on the passage of time and what it means for families as they grow and change.

The final panel showed an empty house with various objects scattered throughout – toys left behind by children who had grown up and moved out. The caption read:

“In loving memory of Farley.”

This was a reference to one of the Pattersons’ beloved pets who had died earlier in the series and whose memory still lingered in their home.

The Legacy of “For Better or For Worse”

Although “For Better or For Worse” may have ended, its impact on the world of comics and on its readers is still felt to this day. The strip was known for its realistic portrayal of family life, tackling difficult topics like divorce, illness, and death with sensitivity and grace.

In addition to its storytelling, “For Better or For Worse” was also notable for its unique approach to time. The strip followed the Pattersons in real-time – as the years passed in the real world, they also passed in the comic strip. This allowed readers to watch the family grow and change over time, creating a sense of connection and investment in their lives.

In Conclusion

The end of “For Better or For Worse” marked the close of a chapter in comic strip history. But while the strip may no longer be running in newspapers across the world, its impact lives on. Lynn Johnston’s honest and heartfelt portrayal of family life touched countless readers over the years, and her legacy as a trailblazer in the world of comics is secure.