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How Did the Comic Strip Pickles Get Its Name?

Have you ever wondered how the popular comic strip ‘Pickles’ got its name? Created by Brian Crane, this comic strip first appeared in newspapers in 1990 and has since become a household name.

The Origin of Pickles

Believe it or not, the comic strip ‘Pickles’ was not originally intended to be about an elderly couple and their family. Instead, it was supposed to be about a young couple with a baby. However, Crane found that he had difficulty coming up with material for this premise and decided to change the direction of the comic strip.

The Naming Process

Now that Crane had decided on the new direction for his comic strip, he needed a name that would capture the essence of what he wanted to convey. After much brainstorming, he finally settled on the name ‘Pickles’.

But why ‘Pickles’? According to Crane, there were several reasons behind this choice.

For one, he wanted a name that was memorable and unique. Additionally, he felt that pickles were a food item that people either loved or hated – much like his characters.

The Characters

Speaking of characters, let’s dive into who exactly makes up the cast of ‘Pickles’. At the center of it all are Earl and Opal Pickles – an elderly couple who have been married for over 50 years. They are joined by their son Nelson and his family as well as their pet dog Roscoe.

One thing that sets ‘Pickles’ apart from other comic strips is its focus on aging and retirement. Earl and Opal are both in their 70s and face many challenges that come with getting older. However, they do so with humor and grace – making them relatable to readers of all ages.

The Legacy of Pickles

Since its debut in 1990, ‘Pickles’ has become a beloved comic strip with a devoted following. It has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Reuben Award for Best Newspaper Comic Strip in 2013.

In addition to its success in print, ‘Pickles’ has also been adapted into a television series and merchandise such as calendars and greeting cards.


In conclusion, the name ‘Pickles’ was chosen for this comic strip because of its uniqueness and ability to represent the characters within it. While the original premise may have been different, Brian Crane’s decision to change directions ultimately led to the creation of one of the most popular comic strips of all time.