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How Do I Get Joker in LEGO Batman?

Are you a fan of LEGO Batman and wondering how to unlock Joker as a playable character? Look no further, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about getting Joker in LEGO Batman.

Step 1: Complete the Story Mode

First things first, you need to complete the story mode of LEGO Batman. This means playing through all the levels and defeating all the bosses in each chapter. It may take some time, but it’s necessary to unlock Joker.

Step 2: Collect All Minikits

Once you’ve completed the story mode, it’s time to go back and collect all the minikits in each level. Minikits are small collectibles hidden throughout each level that can be assembled into a vehicle or gadget. You’ll need to collect all of them in order to unlock Joker.


Use characters with special abilities like Robin’s magnet suit or Batman’s sonic suit to access hard-to-reach areas and find hidden minikits.

Step 3: Purchase Joker in the Batcave

After collecting all the minikits, head back to the Batcave hub area. You’ll notice that a new door has appeared at the back of the room. Go through this door and you’ll find yourself in a store where you can purchase characters and other items using studs (the game’s currency).

Scroll through the selection until you find Joker and purchase him using your hard-earned studs. Congratulations, you now have access to one of Gotham City’s most notorious villains!


If you’re having trouble collecting all the minikits, try playing levels with different characters or replaying levels with free play mode enabled. You may find that certain characters have abilities that make collecting minikits easier.

  • Complete the story mode
  • Collect all minikits
  • Purchase Joker in the Batcave store


Unlocking Joker in LEGO Batman may take some time and effort, but it’s definitely worth it to have such an iconic character on your team. Remember to use characters’ special abilities to your advantage and have fun exploring Gotham City!