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How Do You Beat J Jonah Jameson in Lego Marvel Superheroes?

Are you tired of getting defeated by J Jonah Jameson in Lego Marvel Superheroes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we will walk you through how to beat J Jonah Jameson and emerge victorious.

Know Your Enemy

J Jonah Jameson is a tough opponent to beat. He has a lot of health and can deal significant damage. However, he does have some weaknesses that you can exploit.

Use Spider-Sense

J Jonah Jameson is vulnerable to Spider-Sense attacks. You can activate Spider-Sense by pressing the attack button twice quickly. This will allow you to dodge his attacks and counter-attack.

Switch Characters

It’s important to switch characters frequently during the battle. Each character has unique abilities that can be used to your advantage. For example, Iron Man’s laser beams can deal a lot of damage from a distance, while Hulk’s strength can be used for close combat.

Attack Strategies

Use Objects as Weapons

During the battle, there will be objects scattered around the arena that you can use as weapons. Pick up these objects and throw them at J Jonah Jameson to deal massive damage.

Avoid His Attacks

J Jonah Jameson has a few different attacks that he will use during the battle. These include throwing his briefcase at you or charging towards you with his cane. Watch out for these attacks and dodge them using Spider-Sense.

Keep Moving

Don’t stand still during the battle! Keep moving around the arena to avoid J Jonah Jameson’s attacks and find new objects to use as weapons.


By following these strategies, you’ll be able to defeat J Jonah Jameson in Lego Marvel Superheroes and complete the mission. Remember to use Spider-Sense, switch characters frequently, and keep moving around the arena. Good luck!