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How Do You Get Joker in Lego Batman 2?

Are you a fan of Lego Batman 2 and wondering how to unlock the infamous villain, Joker? Look no further, as we have got you covered! In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of unlocking Joker in Lego Batman 2.

Step 1: Complete the Story Mode

To unlock Joker in Lego Batman 2, you need to complete the story mode first. You can play through the game either solo or with friends in co-op mode. The story mode consists of 15 levels that you need to clear to unlock Joker.

Step 1.1: Playing Story Mode Solo

If you’re playing solo, start by completing all levels in story mode one by one. Make sure to collect all the studs and mini-kits along the way to earn extra rewards.2: Playing Story Mode with Friends

If you’re playing with friends, make sure that everyone completes their own game and unlocks all characters before moving on to story mode together. This ensures that every player has access to all characters during gameplay.

Step 2: Go to Gotham Park

Once you’ve completed story mode, head over to Gotham Park located on the west side of Gotham City. You can reach it by using any character with a flying ability or a vehicle that can fly.

Step 2.1: Using Flying Characters

Characters such as Superman, Green Lantern or Martian Manhunter can easily fly over to Gotham Park. Simply select your character and press ‘A’ (on Xbox) or ‘X’ (on PlayStation) twice rapidly to take off and fly towards your destination.2: Using Flying Vehicles

Alternatively, if you don’t have any flying characters unlocked yet, use a flying vehicle such as the Batwing or Robin’s Helicopter. Fly over to Gotham Park and land on the marked platform.

Step 3: Find Joker’s Helicopter

Once you’ve landed in Gotham Park, look for Joker’s Helicopter. It should be parked on a landing platform near the center of the park. Approach the helicopter and press ‘Y’ (on Xbox) or ‘Triangle’ (on PlayStation) to enter it.

Step 4: Unlocking Joker

After entering Joker’s Helicopter, fly around Gotham City and destroy all five Joker flags that are scattered across the city. Once all flags are destroyed, the message ‘Joker Unlocked’ will appear on your screen, indicating that you have successfully unlocked Joker.


And there you have it, folks! By completing story mode and destroying all five Joker flags with his helicopter, you can unlock this iconic villain in Lego Batman 2.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to wreak havoc with the Clown Prince of Crime!