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How Do You Get Joker Teeth in Batman Arkham Asylum?

Are you a fan of the Batman Arkham Asylum game? If so, you might be wondering how to get the Joker teeth in the game. These teeth are scattered throughout the Asylum and collecting them is one of the many tasks that players can undertake.

What are Joker Teeth?

Joker Teeth are small, white objects that resemble teeth. They are scattered throughout the Asylum and can be found in various locations.

Some of them are hidden in corners, while others are out in the open. When collected, they contribute to your overall completion percentage.

Why Collect Joker Teeth?

Collecting Joker Teeth is not just about increasing your completion percentage. It’s also a way to unlock some of the game’s achievements and trophies. Additionally, some of the teeth contain hints or clues that can help you progress through certain parts of the game.

How to Find Joker Teeth

Finding Joker Teeth requires a keen eye and a bit of exploration. Here are some tips to help you locate them:

  • Look for teeth in corners and other out-of-the-way locations.
  • Use Detective Mode (L2 on PS3 / Xbox 360) to see objects that you might miss otherwise.
  • Listen for a distinctive chattering sound – this indicates that there is a tooth nearby.

The Rewards for Collecting Joker Teeth

As mentioned earlier, collecting Joker Teeth will increase your completion percentage. However, there are also some specific rewards for collecting certain numbers of teeth:

  • 10 teeth – unlocks an interview tape titled “Party Pooper”.
  • 20 teeth – unlocks an interview tape titled “The Monster Upstairs”.
  • 30 teeth – unlocks an interview tape titled “Bull in a China Shop”.
  • 40 teeth – unlocks an interview tape titled “Night Night”.


In conclusion, collecting Joker Teeth is a fun and rewarding task in Batman Arkham Asylum. Not only do they help you increase your completion percentage, but they also unlock some interesting rewards. So put on your detective hat, explore the Asylum, and start collecting those teeth!