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How Do You Get Stan Lee in Lego Marvel Superheroes?

Are you a Marvel fan looking to play as Stan Lee in Lego Marvel Superheroes? You’re in luck, because it’s definitely possible! In this article, we’ll go through the steps to unlock Stan Lee in the game.

Step 1: Complete the Story Mode

To unlock Stan Lee, you’ll need to complete the story mode first. This might take some time, but it’s necessary to progress through the game and unlock new characters.

Step 2: Find Stan Lee in Peril

Once you’ve completed the story mode, you’ll need to find Stan Lee in Peril. These are special missions where Stan Lee is trapped or in danger and needs your help to be rescued. There are a total of 50 of these missions throughout the game.

How to Find Stan Lee in Peril

To find these missions, you’ll need to explore each level thoroughly. Look for areas that are highlighted with a gold color and have a character icon with a “!”

over it. These areas indicate that someone needs your help.

Once you reach that area, you’ll need to use a character with a specific ability to rescue Stan Lee. For example, if he’s stuck on top of a building, you might need a flying character like Iron Man or Thor to reach him.

Step 3: Unlock Stan Lee

After completing all 50 missions and rescuing Stan Lee from peril each time, he will finally be unlocked as a playable character! You can then select him from the character selection screen and use him in free play mode or any other unlocked levels.

Stan Lee’s Abilities

Stan Lee has some unique abilities that make him stand out from other characters in the game. He has super strength and can break through certain objects like walls and furniture. He can also swing around on his own web, which is a fun way to get around the levels.


Unlocking Stan Lee in Lego Marvel Superheroes is definitely worth the effort. His unique abilities and fun personality make him a great addition to the game. So, complete the story mode, find Stan Lee in Peril, and unlock him as a playable character!