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How Do You Get the Joker in Batman Arkham Asylum?

If you’re a fan of the Batman franchise, then you must have played the critically acclaimed game, Batman Arkham Asylum. This game is known for its engaging storyline, excellent graphics, and immersive gameplay.

One of the highlights of this game is undoubtedly the character of Joker. Many players have been wondering how to get the Joker in Batman Arkham Asylum and what it takes to unlock this iconic villain. If you’re one such player, then keep reading as we dive into the details.

What is Batman Arkham Asylum?
Batman Arkham Asylum is an action-adventure game developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Eidos Interactive. It was released in 2009 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows platforms. The game takes place in a fictional universe where Batman has to stop his arch-nemesis Joker from taking over Gotham City’s infamous psychiatric hospital – Arkham Asylum.

How to Get the Joker?

Now that we know what Batman Arkham Asylum is let’s talk about how to get the Joker in the game. The process requires completing the main storyline first.

Once you have finished the campaign, you can unlock a new mode called “Challenge” mode. In this mode, you’ll be able to play different levels and try to beat your high score.

Step 1: Complete The Game

Before you can unlock Challenge mode, you need to complete all 12 main story missions in Batman Arkham Asylum. Once you’ve done that, save your progress and exit back to the main menu.

Step 2: Select Challenge Mode

Once back at the main menu, select “Challenge” mode from the options available. This will take you to a new screen where you’ll see different challenges with various difficulty levels.

Step 3: Choose the “Joker Challenge Map”

To get the Joker, you need to select the “Joker Challenge Map” from the list of challenges. This map will only be available once you have completed the main story campaign. Select this challenge, and you’ll be taken to a new screen where you can choose to play as Batman or Joker.

Step 4: Beat The Joker Challenge

Once you have selected Joker as your character, your objective is to complete all four rounds of the challenge. The challenge involves taking out waves of enemies while collecting points for each takedown. You need to beat all four rounds to unlock Joker as a playable character in other challenge maps.

Final Thoughts

Unlocking Joker in Batman Arkham Asylum is not an easy feat, but it’s definitely worth it. Playing as the Clown Prince of Crime adds a whole new dimension to the game and can provide hours of entertainment. Remember, completing the main story campaign is essential before unlocking this character in Challenge mode.

So there you have it – a step-by-step guide on how to get the Joker in Batman Arkham Asylum. Follow these steps, and soon enough, you’ll be wreaking havoc as one of Gotham’s most iconic villains!