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How Do You in Text Cite a Comic Book?

In-text citations are an essential part of any academic or scholarly writing. They allow readers to easily locate and verify the sources you have used in your work. When it comes to citing a comic book in your text, there are a few important elements to consider.

1. Author’s Name

The first element you need to include in your in-text citation is the author’s name.

This can be the writer, artist, or both, depending on the specific comic book you are referencing. The author’s name should be listed as it appears on the cover of the comic book.

2. Issue or Volume Number

Comic books are typically published as a series of individual issues or as collected volumes. To provide accurate and specific information for your readers, it is important to include the issue number or volume number in your citation.

3. Title of Comic Book Series

The title of the comic book series should also be included in your in-text citation. This helps distinguish between different series by the same author or publisher.

4. Publication Year

The publication year is crucial for providing context and allowing readers to find the exact edition of the comic book you are referencing.


According to (Author’s Last Name, Year), Batman encounters a new villain in The Dark Knight Returns.

If you mention multiple comic books by the same author within your text, you can differentiate them by including both the author’s name and the title of each specific comic book:


In Batman: Year One (Miller, 1987), we see Batman’s early days as a crime-fighter. However, in Batman: The Killing Joke (Moore, 1988), the Joker takes center stage.

Remember, it is important to provide a full citation for each comic book you reference in your text. This allows readers to easily locate the source if they want to delve deeper into the material or verify your claims.


In-text citations are an integral part of any academic or scholarly work, even when it comes to citing comic books. By including the author’s name, issue or volume number, title of the comic book series, and publication year in your citation, you provide readers with accurate and specific information about the source you are referencing.

Properly incorporating these elements into your in-text citations ensures that your work is both informative and visually engaging for your readers.