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How Do You Make a Book Into a Comic Strip?

Have you ever read a book and thought, “This would make a great comic strip”? Turning a book into a comic strip is a popular way to reimagine a story while still capturing its essence. Here are some steps to follow when converting a book into a comic strip.

Step One: Choose the Book and Familiarize Yourself with the Story

The first step in turning a book into a comic strip is selecting the right story. Choose a book that has strong visuals and action that can be translated into pictures. Once you have chosen your book, read it thoroughly to get an understanding of the plot and characters.

Step Two: Determine Your Comic Strip Format

There are several ways to format your comic strip, including single-panel strips or multi-panel strips. Single-panel strips are designed as one large panel while multi-panel strips use several panels to tell the story. Decide which format will work best for your story.

Step Three: Create Character Designs

The next step in turning your book into a comic strip is designing the characters. Draw out rough sketches of each character based on how they are described in the book. Consider their personality traits and physical features when creating their designs.

Step Four: Write Out Your Script

Before starting on your actual drawings, write out a script for your comic strip. This will help guide you through the process of breaking down scenes into panels and deciding on dialogue for each character.

Step Five: Sketch Out Your Panels

Now it’s time to start sketching out your panels based on your script. Use thumbnail sketches to plan out each panel’s composition and layout.

Step Six: Add Details and Ink Your Drawings

Once you have sketched out all of your panels, add details such as shading, highlights, and textures. Then, go over your pencils with ink to finalize your drawings.

Step Seven: Add Dialogue and Text

After you have inked your drawings, add dialogue and text to your panels. Use speech bubbles, captions, and sound effects to bring the story to life.

Step Eight: Finalize Your Comic Strip

Finally, review your comic strip to ensure that it flows smoothly and tells the story effectively. Make any necessary revisions and finalize your comic strip for publishing or sharing.


In conclusion, turning a book into a comic strip takes creativity and skill. By following these steps, you can reimagine a story in a visual way that captures its essence while also making it engaging for readers. So get started on your next comic strip project today!