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How Do You Make a Cool Comic Strip?

Do you want to create a cool comic strip but don’t know where to start? Then, this tutorial is perfect for you! Whether you’re an aspiring artist or just curious about the comic-making process, we’ll guide you through the steps to create a visually engaging comic strip.

Step 1: Plan Your Story

A good comic strip starts with a great story. Think about what message you want to convey or what emotions you want to evoke. Once you have your concept in mind, start brainstorming ideas on how to bring it to life.


Keep it simple! A comic strip usually consists of three or four panels, so choose a story that can be told effectively within that format.

Step 2: Sketch Your Characters and Settings

Before jumping into drawing your comic strip, take some time to sketch your characters and settings. This will help you get familiar with their appearances and ensure that they’re consistent throughout your comic.


Use references when drawing! Look up pictures of people or objects that resemble what you want to draw. It’ll make your work more realistic and accurate.

Step 3: Create Your Panels

Now it’s time to create your panels! Use a ruler or straight edge to create neat and uniform borders between each panel. Decide on the layout of your panels – whether you want them stacked vertically or arranged horizontally.


Make use of different panel shapes and sizes for emphasis or impact!

Step 4: Add Dialogue and Sound Effects

Dialogue is an essential part of any comic strip. It adds personality and character development to your story. Consider using speech bubbles or captions for dialogue.

Sound effects are also important in creating the mood of your comic strip. Use onomatopoeia to illustrate sounds like “boom” or “pow”.


Use different font styles and sizes to represent different tones of voice. For example, use a bold and large font for shouting.

Step 5: Color Your Comic Strip

Adding color to your comic strip can make it more visually appealing. Choose a color scheme that complements the tone of your story. Use colored pencils or digital software like Photoshop to add color.


Use shading to add depth and dimensionality to your characters and settings.

Step 6: Share Your Comic Strip

Now that you’ve completed your cool comic strip, share it with the world! Post it on social media or share it with friends and family.


Consider sharing your work with other artists for feedback and inspiration!

In Conclusion

Creating a cool comic strip may seem daunting, but by following these steps, you can create something visually engaging and meaningful. Remember to plan out your story, sketch out characters and settings, create neat panels, add dialogue and sound effects, color, and finally share your creation with others. Happy comic-making!