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How Do You Unlock Joker in LEGO Batman 1?

LEGO Batman 1 is a classic game that has been enjoyed by gamers of all ages. One of the most exciting things about this game is the ability to play as various characters from the Batman universe, including the iconic villain, Joker.

However, unlocking Joker may not be immediately apparent to some players. In this guide, we will discuss how you can unlock Joker in LEGO Batman 1.

Step 1: Complete Story Mode

The first step to unlocking Joker in LEGO Batman 1 is to complete Story Mode. This mode consists of six chapters that take you through various locations in Gotham City and allow you to play as both Batman and Robin. By completing Story Mode, you will not only progress through the game’s storyline but also unlock other characters along the way.

Step 2: Collect Studs

Once you have completed Story Mode, it’s time to start collecting studs. Studs are small Lego pieces that can be found throughout the game and are used as currency to purchase various items and characters.

To unlock Joker, you will need to collect a total of 250,000 studs. This may sound like a lot, but there are many ways to collect studs throughout the game. You can destroy objects such as cars and lampposts, defeat enemies, or simply explore each level thoroughly.

Step 3: Visit Arkham Asylum

After collecting 250,000 studs, head over to Arkham Asylum located on the north side of Gotham City. Once inside, go up to the top floor where there is a cell with a sign that reads ‘Madness’. Use a character with high jumping abilities such as Robin or Batgirl to reach the top floor.

Step 4: Free The Joker

Inside the cell on the top floor of Arkham Asylum, you will find Joker locked up. To free him, simply walk up to the cell and press the action button. Joker will then be unlocked, and you can play as him in Free Play mode.


  • Be sure to explore each level thoroughly to collect as many studs as possible.
  • Use characters with high jumping abilities to reach difficult areas.
  • Defeat enemies and destroy objects to collect studs quickly.


Unlocking Joker in LEGO Batman 1 may take some time, but it’s well worth it. Playing as one of Batman’s biggest nemeses adds a new level of excitement to the game. By completing Story Mode, collecting studs, visiting Arkham Asylum, and freeing Joker from his cell, you can add this iconic character to your collection and take on Gotham City as its most infamous villain.