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How Do You Unlock the Joker in Lego Batman the Video Game?

Lego Batman the Video Game is a fun and exciting game that allows you to play as your favorite characters from the Batman universe. One character that many fans are eager to unlock is none other than the Joker himself.

To unlock the Joker, you must first complete the story mode of the game. This means that you will need to play through each level as both Batman and Robin, defeating villains along the way.

Once you have completed story mode, you will unlock Free Play mode. In this mode, you can replay levels with any character you have unlocked. To unlock the Joker, you will need to collect all of the minikits in each level of Free Play mode.

Minikits are small lego pieces that are scattered throughout each level. There are ten minikits in each level and they can be found by solving puzzles, destroying objects, or simply exploring the environment.

To keep track of your progress, select “Minikits” from the pause menu. This will show you how many minikits you have collected in each level and how many are still left to find.

Once you have collected all ten minikits in every level of Free Play mode, a new area will open up in Arkham Asylum called “The Batcave”. Here, you will find a panel that allows you to purchase new characters using studs that you have collected throughout the game.

The Joker can be purchased for 1 million studs. Once purchased, he will be added to your character roster and can be selected for any level in Free Play mode.

In conclusion, unlocking the Joker in Lego Batman the Video Game requires completing story mode, collecting all ten minikits in every level of Free Play mode, and then purchasing him from The Batcave using 1 million studs. So get ready to explore every nook and cranny of each level and become a true Lego Batman master!