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How Does Joker Die in Batman Beyond?

Joker’s death in Batman Beyond has been a hot topic for fans of the Batman franchise for quite some time now. The iconic villain has always been a thorn in Batman’s side, but his ultimate demise came as a shock to many. So how did Joker die in Batman Beyond?

The Return of the Joker

To understand how Joker met his end, we first need to talk about “Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker,” the animated movie that features his death. The movie is set in the future and follows Terry McGinnis, who becomes the new Batman after Bruce Wayne retires.

In the movie, Joker is revealed to have returned after several years of absence and is now working with a group of criminals known as the Jokerz. The new Jokerz are inspired by the original Joker and have taken up his mantle.

Joker’s Plan

Joker’s ultimate goal is to get revenge on Bruce Wayne for what he did to him years ago. He kidnaps Bruce and brainwashes Tim Drake (the former Robin) into becoming his loyal servant.

Joker plans to use Tim as a pawn to destroy Batman and take over Gotham City once and for all.

The Final Showdown

In a climactic final showdown between Batman and Joker, it is revealed that Tim Drake had been implanted with a microchip that contained all of the original Joker’s memories and evil personality traits.

The real Joker had died years ago, but his legacy lived on through Tim Drake.

Batman manages to free Tim from Joker’s control, but not before he unleashes an army of robotic Jokers on Gotham City.

In an effort to stop them, Terry McGinnis confronts the real Joker (or rather, Tim Drake under his control), who has taken over Wayne Manor.

Joker’s Demise

In a final battle between Batman and Joker, Terry manages to knock the microchip out of Tim’s head, freeing him from Joker’s control. But as they fight, Joker falls into a vat of chemicals and seemingly dies.

It is unclear whether he died from the fall or if the chemicals killed him, but one thing is for sure – Joker’s reign of terror over Gotham City came to an end.

The Aftermath

After the battle, Bruce Wayne reveals to Terry that he had actually killed the original Joker years ago. It was a dark secret he had kept hidden for years.

With the death of both the original Joker and his legacy through Tim Drake, Gotham City could finally move on from its dark past.


In conclusion, Joker’s death in Batman Beyond was a fitting end to one of the most iconic villains in comic book history. While his ultimate demise remains somewhat ambiguous, it is clear that his reign of terror over Gotham City had come to an end.

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