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How Does Joker Return in Batman Beyond?

If you are a fan of the Batman Beyond animated series, then you may be familiar with one of its most iconic villains – The Joker. Despite his apparent death in the original Batman: The Animated Series, The Joker made a shocking return in Batman Beyond.

But how did he manage to come back from the dead? Let’s take a closer look.

The Return of the Joker

In the Batman Beyond universe, The Joker is presumed dead for decades. However, he makes a sudden reappearance when Bruce Wayne’s protege, Terry McGinnis, takes up the mantle of Batman. The Joker’s return is shrouded in mystery and leaves viewers wondering how he could have possibly returned from his demise.

Revival Through Advanced Technology

As it turns out, The Joker didn’t actually come back from the dead. Instead, his consciousness was preserved through an advanced technology called Timewave. This technology allowed The Joker to upload his consciousness into a computer system before he died.

Once uploaded, The Joker was able to manipulate and control anyone who used Timewave technology, including Terry’s mentor Bruce Wayne. He also managed to create clones of himself using DNA samples that were stolen years ago.

A Battle for Control

As Terry delves deeper into the mystery of The Joker’s return, he discovers that there are actually two versions of The Joker vying for control – the original version and one of his clones. These two Jokers engage in an epic battle which ultimately results in both of their deaths.

However, it is later revealed that there was yet another clone created by Harley Quinn – The Joker’s former lover and accomplice. This final clone is destroyed by Terry before he can cause any further chaos.

The Legacy Lives On

Despite his multiple deaths throughout the series, The Joker’s legacy lives on through various characters. For example, Harley Quinn’s granddaughter, Delia Dennis, takes on the mantle of “Dee Dee” and becomes a recurring villain in the series.

Additionally, The Joker’s impact is felt throughout the entire Batman Beyond universe as he serves as a cautionary tale for those who would use technology for evil purposes.


In conclusion, The Joker’s return in Batman Beyond was made possible through advanced technology and cloning. While his physical body may have been destroyed multiple times, his legacy and impact on the Batman Beyond universe continue to live on.