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How Much Is an Original Peanuts Comic Strip Worth?

If you’re a fan of the iconic comic strip “Peanuts,” you may have wondered how much an original comic strip is worth. “Peanuts” was created by Charles M. Schulz in 1950 and ran until 2000, making it one of the most beloved and longest-running comic strips in history. In this article, we’ll take a look at the factors that determine the value of an original “Peanuts” comic strip.

The Importance of Originality

When it comes to determining the value of an original “Peanuts” comic strip, one of the most important factors is whether or not it’s an original. Original strips are those that were drawn by Schulz himself and published in newspapers during the strip’s original run. These are generally considered to be the most valuable because they’re one-of-a-kind pieces of art that can’t be replicated.


Another important factor in determining the value of an original “Peanuts” comic strip is its condition. Strips that are in pristine condition with no signs of wear or tear will fetch a higher price than those that are damaged or faded. It’s also worth noting that strips that have been professionally restored may still be valuable, but they won’t command as high a price as those that are completely original.


The rarity of a particular “Peanuts” comic strip can also impact its value. Strips that feature popular characters like Charlie Brown and Snoopy tend to be more common than those featuring lesser-known characters, so strips featuring these characters may not be as rare or valuable as others.


Finally, provenance can also play a role in determining the value of an original “Peanuts” comic strip. Provenance refers to the chain of ownership for a particular piece, and strips that have a well-documented history of ownership by famous collectors or institutions may be more valuable.


In conclusion, the value of an original “Peanuts” comic strip depends on several factors, including its originality, condition, rarity, and provenance. While there’s no set formula for determining the exact value of a particular strip, collectors and dealers use these factors to make informed decisions about buying and selling “Peanuts” comic strips. Whether you’re a collector or simply a fan of the strip, understanding these factors can help you appreciate the true value of these beloved pieces of art.