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How Old Is Nancy Comic Strip?

Nancy comic strip is one of the most beloved comic strips in the world. It has been entertaining people for decades with its witty humor and charming characters.

The question on everyone’s mind is, how old is Nancy comic strip? Let’s take a look at the history of this iconic comic strip.

The Birth of Nancy Comic Strip

Nancy comic strip was created by Ernie Bushmiller in 1933. Ernie was a talented cartoonist who had been working in the industry for years.

He created Nancy as a replacement for his earlier comic strip, Fritzi Ritz. While Fritzi Ritz was popular, Ernie felt that it had run its course, and he wanted to create something new.

The Early Years

Nancy made her debut on January 2, 1933, in the Sunday edition of the New York Herald Tribune. The first few years were tough for the young comic strip, as it struggled to find an audience. However, Ernie was determined to make it work, and he continued to refine his style and characters.

By 1938, Nancy was starting to gain popularity, and it was picked up by United Feature Syndicate for national distribution. This gave the comic strip exposure in newspapers across the country and helped it reach a wider audience.

The Golden Age

The 1940s and 1950s were considered the golden age of Nancy comic strip. During this period, Ernie developed his signature style which featured simple black-and-white drawings with bold lines and minimal shading. He also introduced some of the most popular characters in the comic strip such as Sluggo Smith, Aunt Fritzi Ritz, and Rollo.

Ernie’s humor was also at its peak during this time. He used clever wordplay and puns to create jokes that were both hilarious and timeless. The popularity of Nancy during this time was so high that it spawned several spin-offs, including a radio show and a movie.

The Legacy of Nancy Comic Strip

Ernie passed away in 1982, but his legacy lives on through Nancy comic strip. The comic strip is still being published today, and it has been translated into several languages and syndicated in newspapers all over the world.

Over the years, Nancy has undergone some changes, but it still maintains its signature style and humor. In recent years, the comic strip has also embraced new technology with the creation of mobile apps and social media accounts.


In conclusion, Nancy comic strip is over 88 years old! It has had a long and successful run thanks to the talent of Ernie Bushmiller and the love of its fans. While Ernie may no longer be with us, his creation continues to bring joy to people all over the world.